How to migrate a Endpoint Central database from MySQL to PostgreSQL server?


This document is applicable only to customers who are using Endpoint Central (formerly Desktop Central) build 10.0.5 or later versions. Endpoint Central has stopped supporting MySQL database from 31st of May 2016. You can refer to this document to know more about the steps involved in migrating from MySQL to PGSQL. You can ensure that there is no loss of data when you migrate the database.

Note : Refer to this document, to migrate your MySQL server to MSSQL server

If you want to migrate your database to PostgreSQL, follow the steps mentioned below sequentially on the computer where Endpoint Central server is installed:

  1. Stop Endpoint Central Server
  2. Move the data from MySQL to PostgreSQL Database
  3. Start the Endpoint Central Server

Stop Endpoint Central Server

  1. Right click Endpoint Central icon on the notification area of the task bar
  2. Click Stop Service 

Ensure that Endpoint Central server service is stopped, by running services.msc and verifying the status of ManageEngine server.

Move the data from MySQL to PostgreSQL Database


  • Ensure that you do not download PGSQL binaries during the migration process, since the binaries are already bundled with Endpoint Central.
  • Ensure that port # 8028 is available for PostgreSQL to avail it.


  1. Go to command prompt and navigate to this location : <Endpoint Central installation location\bin folder>
  2. Execute changeDBServer.bat. The migration tool, will be opened, click Save to initiate the migration process. 

You can see that all the data will be successfully migrated from your MySQL to PostgreSQL database

Start the Endpoint Central Server

  1. Right click Endpoint Central icon on the notification area of the task bar
  2. Click Start service

You have successfully migrated your data to PostgreSQL database. You can also ensure the same by verifying it here: Go to Support Tab on the Endpoint Central web console and scroll down to "Database Information" under General Details, at the bottom of the page, which will now contain details of your PostgreSQL database.



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