Schedule Reports

You can schedule Exchange Server and Exchange Online reports using this option.

  1. Go to the Settings tab.
  2. Navigate to Configuration → Other Configuration → Schedule Reports.
    Note: This window shows the list of default schedules and the ones created previously. You can enable, disable, edit, and delete multiple report schedules as and when required by clicking on the icons corresponding to every report schedule. The Scheduled Reports History option allows you to view the schedule owner, run time, and status.
  3. Click the Create New Schedule option located in the top right-corner.
  4. Choose Exchange Server or Exchange Online as required.
  5. In the page that appears, enter a name for the scheduled report, the organization you want to generate the report for, and a report category.
  6. Select a Report from the list of available reports.
  7. Set the frequency for report generation.
    • Daily: This option is used for generating reports every day at a particular time.
    • Weekly: This option is for generating a report on a particular day of the week at a specific time.
    • Monthly: This option is for generating a report on a specific day of each month at a desired time.
    • Only Once: This option can be used to generate a report only once on the specified date and time.
  8. Select the default storage path, and the format in which you want the report to be presented.
  9. Under the Email scheduled report option, configure the email server to which you want the emails to be sent.
  10. Click Save.

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