License Management

ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus licensing is based on the number of mailboxes you want to monitor, audit, and report on. If you want the data to be collected from specific mailboxes only, purchase licenses only for those mailboxes.

Note: Refer here to buy a suitable license as per the features required and the number of mailboxes to be managed.

Data is gathered for reporting, auditing, and monitoring only from managed mailboxes. Unmanaged mailboxes are not included in the data gathering process. You can view the number of Licenses Availed, Managed Mailboxes, and Remaining Licenses from the dashboard under the License Management page. To manage licenses:

  1. Go to the Settings tab.
  2. Navigate to Admin → Utilities → License Management.
  3. Select the Organization or Tenant tab to manage Exchange Server or Online accounts respectively.
  4. Click the total mailbox count, select the Mailboxes you want to manage or unmanage, and click Close.
  5. You can select the icon-schedule icon to schedule the product to manage or unmanage licenses automatically at specified intervals.
  6. Click the icon-import icon to import CSV files for bulk license management.
  7. The icon-delete-user icon helps exclude or remove all disabled users directly.
  8. You can also use the Alert Me option in top-right corner to stay notified about license management actions.
Note: To manage or unmanage all mailboxes under a particular Exchange Server or tenant simultaneously, hover the mouse over the Managed Mailbox column, and select the Manage All or Unmanage All option that appears. Click Yes to confirm the changes.

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