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Integrations in ADSelfService Plus

Behind the scenes of any data-driven business are multiple software solutions that help it stay afloat. These different solutions need to integrate with one another to effectively achieve the overall business goals. ADSelfService Plus helps businesses enhance their IT capabilities by providing integrations with advanced ITSM, SIEM, and IAM tools like ServiceDesk Plus, Splunk, and AD360.

Extend ADSelfService Plus' capabilities through integrations with utility tools

  • Integrations with ITSM tools
  • Integrations with SIEM tools
  • Integrations with IAM tools

Integrations with ITSM tools

Provide MFA, SSO, and passwordless support for ITSM applications like Zendesk and Freshdesk. Integrate with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus, a help desk software that provides IT request tracking as well as asset and change management.

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Integrations with SIEM tools

Integrate with SIEM solutions like Splunk and syslog, which provide real-time insights by processing large volumes of log data. Once integrated, ADSelfService Plus' log data can be forwarded to these SIEM solutions for auditing. Allow admins to quickly search, report, and diagnose operational problems and security issues.

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Integrations with IAM tools

Integrate with IAM solutions like ManageEngine ADManager Plus and AD360. Integration with ADManager Plus, an approval workflow tool, takes users' self-service actions as requests that are yet to be approved. Integration with the AD360 suite adds a range of capabilities, including data logging, data recovery, and UBA-driven change auditing.

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Integrations in actionIntegrate ADSelfService Plus with other utility tools in minutes!

Integrate ADSelfService Plus other utility tools

How does your organization benefit from ADSelfService Plus' integrations?


Reduced help desk dependency

Lighten the help desk workload with ITSM and IAM integrations.

Easy configuration

Achieve hassle-free integration in just a few quick steps.

Increased utility and convenience

Broaden ADSelfService Plus' capabilities by merging it with existing business applications and enjoy double the benefits.

Enhance product capabilities with integrations

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Apart from integrations, ADSelfService Plus supports:

  • Adaptive MFA

    Enable context-based MFA with 19 different authentication factors for endpoint and application logins.

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  • Enterprise single sign-on

    Allow users to access all enterprise applications with a single, secure authentication flow.

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  • Password management and security

    Simplify password management with self-service password resets and account unlocks, strong password policies, and password expiry notifications.

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  • Remote work enablement

    Enhance remote work with cached credential updates, secure logins, and mobile password management.

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  • Enterprise self-service

    Delegate profile updates and group subscriptions to end users and monitor these self-service actions with approval workflows.

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  • Zero Trust

    Create a Zero Trust environment with advanced identity verification techniques and render your networks impenetrable to threats.

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