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Webinar: Simplifying employee onboarding and offboarding using ServiceDesk Plus.

Onboarding an employee starts with HR submitting a request in the company's help desk portal. From there on, it's a chain reaction. Depending on the company's processes, the work passes from one department to another until it comes back to the help desk for request closure. A help desk, therefore, sits at the center of onboarding and plays a vital role in creating a successful onboarding process. Help desks have to ensure that there is a seamless transition between one department and another, while providing access to relevant information at every level.

Similarly, employee offboarding also has defined processes that vary slighty based on an employee's designation or department. In short, automating most of these processes can help create a better experience for employees. Using ServiceDesk Plus, technicians can automate onboarding and offboarding processes and streamline workflows based on user input.

What you'll learn

In this webinar, you will learn how to set up onboarding and offboarding processes in ServiceDesk Plus using a combination of field and form rules, custom triggers, as well as tasks and custom scripts.

  • Build intelligent templates using field and form rules.
  • Associate tasks to a field value and trigger the related tasks when a value is selected.
  • Validate dates using built-in custom scripts.
  • Create custom triggers and requests menus to trigger actions and execute handshakes in external applications.

Who should watch

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