How to switch between multiple monitors while remotely controlling a computer?

Remote Access Plus comes packed with the multi-monitor remote desktop ability to control all the monitors connected to your remote computer. Say your client computer is connected to three monitors. As soon as you initiate a remote session, Remote Access Plus will fetch and list all the monitors connected to the client machine. You can not only switch between these monitors but also simultaneously control all three of them.

How does it work?

  1. Whenever a remote control is established over a computer connected to multiple monitors, Remote Access Plus has the intelligence to display the information on the monitors connected to the client computer.
  2. From here you can choose the monitor you prefer to work with. This monitor is termed as Active Monitor
  3. Then from the Multi Monitor icon, you can swap between the monitors based on the needs.

How to I access the monitors all at once?

Once Remote Access Plus fetches the list of all the monitors connected to the remote client, on the top right corner you can find various views. Select the Client Layout. This will let you view and control all the remote monitors at once.

Icons and Descriptions




Pin icon

Allows you to view the preview pane permanently. Disabling it, will hide the preview pane.

Client Layout

View all monitors as it is in the client setup.

Vertical Layout

View all monitors vertically.

Horizontal Layout

View all monitors horizontally.

Show Screen

Allows you to add a monitor to the active view.

Hide Screen

Allows you to hide a monitor from the full screen view. Ensure, at least one monitor is being viewed currently in the active view. Else, the hide monitor icon will be disabled.

Live Preview

Allows you to view live updates of all actions being performed on each monitor in the preview screen itself.

Instant Notification

Allows you to receive notifications as soon as keyboard focus shifts to any other monitor apart from the ones that you are currently viewing.

Note: When multiple technicians are connected to a remote computer with multiple monitors in setup, Remote Access Plus enables the technician to switch between the different monitors. It does not allow viewing all the monitors simultaneously.