How to establish Remote Control?

Remote Access Plus lets you to remotely control and troubleshoot Windows, Mac and Linux computers in your local network. Following are the steps to establish remote control over a computer in your Domain/Workgroup. Remote Access Plus uses HTML5 viewer in default.


  1. Ensure to add the domain/workgroup under Remote Access Plus management. Learn how to add domain/workgroup here.
  2. Ports to be configured for Remote Control, Chat, System Manager and File Transfer.
    TCP ports Purpose
    8443 secure remote connection
    8444 remote connection

Enabling the UDP port 8443 will let your viewer directly control your remote agent. However, an initial handshake will happen via Remote Access Plus server. Know more on different communication modes.

Establishing Remote Control

Once you have ensured that all the above prerequisites are met, you can establish remote connection in the following ways,

  1. From the home page, just type the name of the computer and establish the connection.
  2. If you have recently established a remote connection with the computer, it will be listed in the "Recent Sessions" view from where you can establish the connection.