Remote Assistance vs Remote Desktop

In the future it is predicted that, 73% of all departments will have remote workers. With the growing and evolving scope of IT, it's becoming harder for the IT administrator to rescue enterprise computers when things go haywire. Remote access ensures that work-from-home and remote users have access to corporate sites and devices, even when they are not within the walls of the organization. Remote access has two major branches, remote desktop and remote assistance software. Keep reading to learn which software is right for your organization.

Difference between remote assistance and remote desktop

Difference between Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop

Remote Assistance

Remote assistance, as the name suggests, is giving aid to someone who needs help remotely. Let's say you are working from home and trying to build software. At some point you might feel lost and confused about how to proceed. With remote assistance software, you can send an invite to your erudite colleague to access your device remotely and assist you with figuring out a solution.

Remote Desktop

Let's say 1,000 employees work on a floor. It is not feasible for an administrator to walk up to every device and troubleshoot problems when software crashes. With advanced remote desktop, administrators can instantly access a computer and troubleshoot problems from anywhere./p>

Consider another scenario, you are at home and need to access a site that works only on the corporate network. Establishing a VPN can be tiresome. Instead, use remote desktop software to access corporate sites even when you are out of the restricted network. Rest on your porch and access your corporate data or fine-tune organization computers seamlessly with remote desktop software.

How they differ!

  • Remote desktop is for unattended access.
  • Remote assistance is for remote collaboration.
  • Enterprise administrators can remotely access and troubleshoot IT devices with remote desktop software.
  • Remote assistance comes in handy while educating or assisting an end user.
  • Remote desktop solutions are coupled with exclusive troubleshooting features like wake-on-LAN, remote shutdown and much more.
  • With remote assistance software streamline your instant remote support tasks.

The core process of remote assistance and remote desktop might revolve around the same concept of remote access, but they differ when it comes to who uses it, and how and where it is used.

Quick tips to pick your solution

#1 Looking out for an instant remote support solution? Then go for remote assistance software.

#2 Managing computers in an enterprise organization? Choose a remote desktop solution to simplify troubleshooting.

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