Remote Command Prompt

Remote command prompt is an essential tool for remote troubleshooting. A windows command prompt has the ability to give you a fine grained view of your device network details, hardware information or fix errors with simple commands. Even when all the end user application crashes, you can still access their command prompt and resolve the issue. With Remote Access Plus, you can seamlessly access and run commands on remote computer from the web console without initiating a remote session.

Did you know? You can view task manager and kill task from command prompt. All you have to do is use the commands tasklist and taskkill. As an enterprise administrator you can utilize simple commands like these to fix problems in your end users computer quickly.

Remote Command Prompt

How to open remote computer command prompt?

Follow these simple steps to get full control over a remote command prompt:

  1. Open the product web console.
  2. You can follow any one of the below steps to open the command prompt
    • Method 1: Search for the remote computer from home tab. Hover over the computer name and click on System Manager -> Command Prompt.
    • Method 2: Navigate to Tools-> System Manager -> Manager -> Command Prompt
  3. If you have enabled user conformation then you will be able to access the terminal once the end user approves.
  4. By default Command Prompt will open as system user. You can swap between users with the help of "Run As" option.

Open remote computer command prompt

Remote PowerShell

PowerShell is a Windows command line interface with robust capabilities to automate and configure administrative tasks. Administrators and technicians can save a lot of time by leveraging quick access to PowerShell from Remote Access Plus console without initiating a remote session. Integrate with scripting environment, get an extensive access to programing libraries and perform much more troubleshooting actions from Remote PowerShell.

Run command on remote computer

Capabilities of Remote Command Prompt and PowerShell

  1. Run commands directly using systems account.
  2. Run user specific commands.
  3. Supports executing PowerShell and MS DOS commands.
  4. Open multiple command windows for the same/different computer.
  5. Assign privileges to Remote Access Plus technician to remotely access command prompt based on the role.

Note: Command Prompt and PowerShell together will be grouped as Windows Terminal in Remote Access Plus (On-premise) console.