Endpoint Central MSP simplifies Auxility's patch management of its clients' IT networks

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Endpoint Central MSP simplifies Auxility's patch management of its clients' IT networks

About Auxility

Auxility is a managed service provider specializing in delivering support for Windows clients and servers. It aims for transparency and clarity as it eliminates an overload of technical information while providing support customized to the unique needs of its clients. With Auxility's expertise on IT management, it ensures that its clients that utilize Microsoft environments run in optimal conditions so these organizations can focus on their core business.

Auxility understands the unique nature of each of its clients and develops personalized client experiences in which trust and one-to-one interaction are central. Providing tailor-made IT infrastructure services, Auxility delivers superior, personalized support for all its clients' IT staff and end users.

Business challenge

One of the primary services that Auxility provides as an MSP is patch management of client's networks. As an organization with a team of over 30 people managing various clients' IT, Auxility had to handle a few challenges in patching the complete network of numerous customers.

Discussing the MSP IT network, Senior Consultant Jurgen Barbieur said: "In most of our clients' systems, server workstations are Windows-based, while some are Linux-based. For all, it is necessary to ensure up-to-date patching of every endpoint.".

Jurgen, being one of the senior consultants within the IT team, oversees the overall MSP infrastructure, focusing mainly on patch management and managing system security to ensure consistency in updates for software versions and patches across the organization. These responsibilities prompted Jurgen to seek a holistic MSP IT management process to automate and perform centralized patch management for all client endpoints from a single location.

The search for a complete MSP endpoint management solution

The Auxility IT team required a dedicated MSP endpoint management solution to tackle the IT challenges of service providers especially in terms of patching. A key requirement was the capability to automate the patching process with minimal human interaction.

The Solution: Endpoint Central MSP

Employing effective time management processes is essential for MSPs to manage patching and updating client endpoints, servers, and workstations. Endpoint Central MSP simplifies the process at Auxility significantly by improving productivity and ensuring greater IT security in all client networks.

The main benefit is that patch management is largely autonomous and further automation such as monitoring can be custom-built further. Once the setup is complete, the only necessity is a regular checkup. It can be scheduled outside business hours, and results can easily be reviewed from the reports Endpoint Central MSP generates. This approach of semi to complete automation enables the Auxility IT team to have confidence in the patching process as part of all the other important tasks they do. The solution, designed exclusively for MSPs, delivers diverse patching capabilities for Microsoft products as well as numerous third-party applications.

In addition to its core patching capabilities, Endpoint Central MSP also provides numerous benefits, such as:

  • Ensuring periodic scans to track hardware and software in the network
  • Delivering a plethora of remote access features for remote troubleshooting
  • Providing deep insights through numerous device management reports about the clients' IT network
  • Deploying software to clients' computers quickly and efficiently
  • Integrating with help desk tools to meet SLAs faster
  • Creating baselines to manage all types of client environments
  • Deploying security configurations to all network endpoints
  • Generating individual client bills

The Endpoint Central MSP experience

With Endpoint Central MSP, Auxility found a single, cost-effective solution that integrates all of the functions a service provider requires including remote support, patch management, asset management, and software deployment. Having used Endpoint Central MSP over the past three years, Jurgen notes that more clients and their server machines can be maintained without frequent assistance from IT engineers.

Using Endpoint Central MSP has enabled a small IT team to smoothly handle various client machines and improve their services for their clients. Since the entire IT environment is always fully patched with the security updates, an enhanced security layer is provided to all clients' network preventing any cyberthreats from entering into the network, Jurgen notes.

Endpoint Central MSP support

Jurgen is pleased with the support he receives from the Endpoint Central MSP help desk. He acknowledges the timely assistance, knowledge, and support provided to Auxility when needed. He's happy with the ticket response time, and appreciates that there is constant follow-up until a solution is successfully implemented.

About Endpoint Central MSP

ManageEngine Endpoint Central MSP is a holistic endpoint management solution specifically designed and developed to help MSPs manage thousands of servers, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices of numerous clients from a central location. It automates the complete endpoint management life cycle of customers, ranging from simple system configurations to complex software deployments. With over 10 years of expertise in the MSP space, ManageEngine Endpoint Central MSP understands the needs of MSP IT management, and developed a robust product to defend against cyberthreats and provide 360-degree endpoint management. Endpoint Central MSP serves hundreds of customers around the world and helps MSPs cut costs on IT infrastructure, achieve operational efficiency, improve productivity, and combat network vulnerabilities. For more information about Endpoint Central MSP, visit Endpoint Central.

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