Free Hyper V Configuration Tool


  • Easy to use dashboard tool
  • Hyper V server – CPU , Memory, Disk Monitoring
  • Virtual server (VM) – CPU configuration
  • Virtual Machine (VM) – RAM configuration
  • Power on, Suspend, Power–off VM from remote
Free Hyper V Configuration Tool

Free Hyper-V Configuration

Hyper V configuration made easy! Hyper V Configuration tool helps to continuously monitor virtual servers across your network and configure it in real-tim

Hyper-V Configuration - ManageEngine Free Tools

Configure Hyper-V

  • Execute power operation such as on, off, pause and suspend on VM
  • Change the start-up boot sequence
  • Configure number of processors for each VM
  • Increase/decrease the RAM capacity
  • View CPU usage and distribution, memory, disk and network utilization of Hyper-v server
Hyper-V Memory Configuration - ManageEngine Free Tools

Hyper-V Memory Allocation

  • Fixed RAM Allocation – Allocate fixed amount of RAM for virtual machines
  • Flexible RAM Allocation – Set memory buffer, minimum startup and maximum RAM values for each virtual machine