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Free HyperV Performance Monitor


  • Use the tool to monitor all Hyper-V versions up to Hyper-V 2012 R2
  • Monitor up to 2 hosts and the VM's running on them simultaneously
  • Keep a tab on the VM up time and their status
  • Monitor CPU, memory, disk read/write and network utilization of host and guest
  • Generate real-time performance reports and send Emails
  • Monitor proactively by setting thresholds for CPU utilization
Free HyperV Performance Monitor Tool

Free Hyper-V Server Performance Monitoring Tool

Hyper-V Performance Monitoring Free Tool helps monitor Hyper-V servers and VM running on it  for CPU, memory, disk read/write and network Rx/Tx traffic. Monitor performance for two Hyper-V servers simultaneously.

Hyper-V Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Free Tools

Monitor Hyper-V Performance

  • Monitor Hyper-V server for CPU, memory, disk read/write requests and network traffic
  • View the number of virtual machines present, check if the VMs are powered on/off and also watch its severity as Critical or Warning
  • Monitor storage, memory and network utilization of each guest VM installed in the ESX host
  • View CPU Usage/Distribution of each Virtual Machine in a graph with color coded alerts
Hyper-V Monitor Setting View

Set Threshold & Refresh Time Value

  • Set warning and critical threshold values for CPU utilization
  • Set auto refresh time interval so that the GUI refreshes periodically to show the latest performance data
  • Retain the server credentials and set thresholds for subsequent restarts
Hyper-V Monitor Setting View

Hyper-V Performance Reports

  • Generate real-time performance reports of hosts and VMs
  • Capture the details of OS, up time, VM count, CPU, memory, disk utilization ,etc. in PDF format
  • Print and/or email the reports to stake holders directly from the tool