Free Windows Service Monitor Tool – Documents

The Free Windows Service Monitor monitors the Windows Services. Using the tool the administrator can monitor the services of 3 windows servers.

Getting Started

Server Setting

Add server to start monitoring the Windows the "Add Server" button and enter the following information in the add-server dialog

and click the connect button

Once, tool makes connection with windows server, the tool populates the following details..

The tool once successfully connected to the server,automatically checks which services are present(like Exchange server services, Wmi services, Sharepont services and more..)

Settings page

Click settings button

This setting view has Default services monitor and Custom services monitor. Tool can monitor default services present in the windows server.

Default Services in the Settings Page

By default, Tool monitors following services in a Windows server.

  1. Exchange server services
  2. MS SQl server services
  3. SharePoint services
  4. Mysql database services
  5. DHCP services
  6. Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) services.
  7. Telnet services

The administrator can also un-check the default service if he does not wish to monitor it.

Add custom services

Adding the custom service:

The user can manually add three custom service in addition to the default services present

  1. The user has to enter the service name.The tool automatically displays the associated services so that the user can select from the list.
  2. In case the custom service manually added is a subset of the default services,the tool informs the user that the service is being monitored already.
  3. The user can only add three custom services

Services View

Click View-service button, Tool will show all services details and custom services details.

All Services

This view shows all the services present in the servers. Following details of each services is shown

Custom Services

This view shows health of the services . It shows the status of Windows services which are monitored by the tool

Configure service

Double click / Right click the services , configuration page will open. Administrator can change the state to stop / start / restart and start-mode to automatic, manual or disabled.

In case of any dependent services running, the tool automatically detects the dependent services running and the administrator can just stop the service without having to manually stop the dependent service.

Delete Server

The administrator can delete the server by clicking the delete button in the settings page

Refresh Server

To know the current status of the server,click the refresh button.

Refresh Interval

The added Windows servers will be refreshed at regular interval(Refresh Interval) which is configurable.

Retaining Settings

The following details are saved in the disk so that the parameters can be used when the tool restarts.During restart of the tool,the tool automatically connects to the server.

The following details are stored internally

  1. Server Name
  2. Domain Name
  3. User Name
  4. Password (Encrypted using Triple DES) encryption standard used.
  5. The default services in the settings page(if the configurations are saved)
  6. The custom services added in the settings page(if the configurations are saved)