Free Windows Service Monitor Tool


  • Monitors Services of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 servers
  • Shows Details of Windows Server 2003 and 2008 Services
  • Customizable Windows Service Monitoring
  • Graphical view of the Service Status
  • Remote configuration of StartupType, State
Free Windows Service Monitor Tool

Free Windows Service Monitoring Tool

Free ManageEngine Windows Service Monitor helps monitor Exchange Server, SharePoint services, MySQL services, MSSQL services, DHCP services and more. Monitor up to 3 custom services simultaneously.

Windows Service Monitoring - ManageEngine Free Tools

Windows Service Monitoring

  • Monitor all the services that are running on a Windows server
  • Configure/modify status of services to start or stop or restart state
  • Change start-up mode of windows services to Auto or Manual or Disabled mode
Custom Windows Service Monitor - ManageEngine Free Tools

Custom Windows Services Monitoring

  • Manually add three custom services in addition to the default Windows services monitored
  • View the status of the services as a graph
  • Monitor the Status of the service, the Startup Type and the authentication (Logon As )details of the Windows Server
  • Delete/refresh the windows server added

During the restart of the tool, it automatically connects to the server and populates the services. Start monitoring Windows services and ensure it is running smoothly. Try now!