ManageEngine OpManager Plus – a reliable, unified IT operations management software!

OpManager Plus is affordable and functional integrated network management software, that enables effective network monitoring, bandwidth analysis, configuration management, firewall management, storage monitoring, IP and switch port management - all from a unified console. This integrated approach helps users simultaneously perform multiple operations with a single pane of glass, and have centralized monitoring over their network operations. With in-depth visibility, control, and an intuitive UI, users can monitor important metrics without having the need to perform a single click or navigate through multiple tabs.

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What do industry experts say about OpManager Plus?

'Simple licensing and a good set of built-in features make this a fine monitoring choice that’s easy to manage'

- IT Pro, on OpManager Plus

'ManageEngine's OpManager Plus is good choice for those looking to run server monitoring on-premises with a tool that can also handle bandwidth management and network configuration management.'

- Serverwatch, on OpManager Plus

What makes OpManager Plus standout as a better alternative to SolarWinds NAM?

Feature comparison

OpManager Plus – Firewall management and log analysis, Application performance monitoring

Network performance monitoring, Traffic and bandwidth analysis, Configuration and change management, IP address and switch port management, Network Automation Manager – End user monitoring

OpManager Plus
SolarWinds Network Automation Manager
Support for Linux OS platform
OpManager Plus can run on Linux platform.
  SolarWinds Network Automation Manager (NAM) doesn't run on Linux platforms
Firewall monitoring
OpManager Plus offers firewall monitoring supporting almost all open-source and commercial network firewalls.
  Not available in SolarWinds Network Automation Manager (NAM)
XenServer monitoring
OpManager Plus monitors Host, VMs and Storage Repositories of Citrix XenSever and provides the required visibility into their performance.
  SolarWinds Network Automation Manager (NAM) does not support XenServer monitoring
Process / NTServices / Service Monitoring
OpManager Plus provides out-of-the-box support for monitoring the availability of all the processes/NTServices/Service running on a Windows or Unix system.
  Yes, but SolarWinds Network Automation Manager (NAM) does not provide in-depth process monitoring
File/Folder Monitoring
OpManager Plus provides file and folder monitoring functionality that lets you instantly detect storage subsystem problems, unexpected steep increase in disk utilization and proliferating files and folders in storage servers.
  SolarWinds Network Automation Manager (NAM) requires a add-on or installation of a separate product.
Network monitoring tools
OpManager Plus provides a range of network monitoring tools like System Update, that helps you remotely managed device's details such as user, and location
  Not available in SolarWinds Network Automation Manager (NAM)
SNMP Tools
OpManager Plus provides SNMP tools such as MIB browser, that comes in handy to inspect and monitor SNMP nodes
  Not available in SolarWinds Network Automation Manager (NAM)
Address monitoring tools
OpManager Plus provides tools to inspect and resolve network addresses
  Not available in SolarWinds Network Automation Manager (NAM)
Datacenter visualization
OpManager Plus can create a virtual replication of Datacenter floors and racks and floors to enable 24x7 monitoring.
  SolarWinds Network Automation Manager (NAM) does not generate datacenter visualization maps
Scheduling operations
Activities can be scheduled on an hourly, weekly, daily and one time basis.
  Yes, but limited scheduling options for different activities
Configuration automatic rollback option
Yes, in critical devices you can enable a roll back option and changes will not get reflected in devices which has the roll back enabled.
  Not available in SolarWinds Network Automation Manager (NAM)
OpManager Plus offers workflow checks and actions grouped under different categories, including VMware ESX actions to construct a powerful workflow rule to suit your IT management needs. Just create workflows using the out-of-the-box checks and actions to the workflow builder and you are good to go.
  SolarWinds Network Automation Manager (NPM) does not provide work-flow automation to compile processes and execute them based on schedules or other triggers.

With an affordable pricing, transparent licensing, diverse out-of-the box features, OpManager Pus is a better alternative to SolarWinds NAM.

Check out OpManager Plus features and discover how it can seamlessly integrate with your existing network infrastructure and be a better alternative to SolarWinds NAM.

A glimpse into the OpManager Plus experience!


A glimpse into the OpManager Plus experience!

A simply powerful UI

OpManager Plus with its user-friendly GUI, makes network monitoring simple and easy. Complete with intuitive dials and graphs that are also configurable to suit your needs, it provides in-depth visibility into various IT operations from a single pane of glass.

Tightly integrated modules with proactive monitoring

OpManager Plus offers a unified network management experience with tight data integration and a common inventory access across all modules. Using Deep Packet Inspection(DPI), real-time network scanning, and aDiscovery Rule Engine speeds up your device configuration by 10X times, it simplifies IT operations management.

How, what, when of your network operations

OpManager plus generates over 200 built-in reports on various IT operations management parameters including health, availability, compliance, bandwidth, firewall rules, and IP usage, enabling in-depth IT performance analysis.

Speed up network operations

The Discovery Rule Engine speeds up your device configuration by 10X times, letting you automate actions such as associating monitors to devices, adding devices to a business view, etc., during the initial discovery.

Instantaneous threshold based alerts

OpManager Plus triggers instant alerts and multi-level threshold-based notifications via multiple channels - including email, Slack, SMS, web-based console, and more to help in proactive fault detection.

OpManager Plus integrations: Get more value with your favorite applications

With OpManager Plus' wide range of integrations simplifies network monitoring your organization's IT teams. From converting the alerts into tickets to enabling effective communication with your team, these integrations improve your IT departments MTTR, and make the network monitoring process – hassle free. With our one-click integration to ITSM tools, communication tools, and Rest API based integrations, enable proactive network monitoring and troubleshooting.

Making security a top priority

The team at ManageEngine OpManager Plus ensure that your unified network monitoring solution is highly secure by following stringent security procedures. From periodic security audits to running multiple tiers of vulnerability tests before the release, OpManager Plus makes security a top priority for our clients.

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