• Network Performance

  • Bandwidth & Traffic

  • Configuration

  • Firewall Management &
    Log Analysis

  • Application Performance

  • IP Address & Switch Port

  • Storage

  • IT Operations Management

IT Operations Management

Packed with out-of-the box capabilities for monitoring networks, servers, IP addresses, and switch ports, managing bandwidth and network configurations, analyzing firewall rules, logs & policies, tracking application usage & monitoring storage devices; OpManager Plus is an integrated IT operations management solution that eliminates the need for multiple monitoring tools and provides greater visibility across your IT infrastructure.

Remove operational bottlenecks, optimize performance and gain the maximum output from your IT infrastructure, by deploying this powerful, integrated solution with a unified approach to IT operations management.

Gain visibility into your IT operations, layer by layer

With advanced IT operations monitoring & management capabilities, OpManager Plus, as a comprehensive IT operations management tool, offers 4 layers of visibility into an organization's IT operations - IT infrastructure security, IT infrastructure application performance, server and storage IT operations, network performance. This multi-level visibility into IT operations helps IT admins identify and troubleshoot faults at various levels easily, thereby ensuring greater SLA compliance, proactive IT fault management and consistent IT infrastructure performance.

IT Operations Management Software - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Security Layer

Review & audit firewall rules & policies, push and enforce firewall rules, implement role based access control, push configuration changes across network devices, ensure compliance with critical compliance standards.

Integrated IT Operations Management - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Application Layer

Track performance of both cloud and on-premise application infrastructure. Perform code-level diagnostics. Monitor synthetic transactions, monitor & manage web services and on-cloud applications including AWS, Office365, Azure, etc

IT Operations Management Tools - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Server & Storage Layer

Track 100+ critical physical and virtual server performance metrics including health, availability, CPU, memory, disk for various server infrastructure models like Dell, HP, Cisco, VMware, Nutanix, Hyper-V, etc.

Monitor RAID & tape library systems; track configuration, capacity, and performance of fabric switches with SNIA based fabric switch management; plan IT storage with advanced storage forecasting.


IT Operation Management Solutions - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Network Layer

Monitor performance metrics of 1000+ devices - including routers, switches, firewalls, WLANs, load balancers, WLCs, and more. Track infrastructure bandwidth consumption, analyze and optimize network traffic patterns, and manage IP addresses and switch ports. 

Unified IT Operations Management Functions

IT Operations Management Platform - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Network & server performance monitoring

  • In-depth IT operations monitoring with support for over 2000+ metrics across 8000+ devices.
  • Monitor and manage both physical and virtual server infrastructure (Xen, VMware, Hyper-v, Nutanix) devices with OpManager Plus' efficient enterprise server monitoring capabilities.
  • Extend the power of IT infrastructure monitoring to monitor VoIP devices and WAN networks.
  • Monitor syslogs, traps, virtual events etc., to identify signs of potential trouble in the IT infrastructure environment.
  • Leverage the power of integrated IT operations management for DCIM's infrastructure and server capabilities, ensuring maximum efficiency of individual devices and servers in your data centers.
Unified IT Operations Management - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Bandwidth & Traffic Management

  • Monitor and manage critical bandwidth metrics including router traffic, Cisco NBAR, CBQoS, site to site traffic, WLC traffic and leverage the insights to perform proactive bandwidth capacity planning.
  • Gain real time visiblity into bandwidth performance with advanced bandwidth monitoring capabilities that include support for all major flows including Netflow, sFlow, jFlow, IPFIX, NetStream, AppFlow.
  • Obtain in-depth device/interface traffic visibility with insights into total bandwidth consumption by individual devices, interface traffic, applications, top source/destinations, QoS, conversations and AS view for better visibility into router / switch traffic pattern.
  • Leverage ASAM (advanced security assesment module) for network behaviour analysis and flow based anomoly detection to detect zero-day network threats.
IT Operations Management Services - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Configuration & Compliance Management

  • Manage configurations of various IT infrastructure devices from 200+ different vendors.
  • Implement realtime change and configuration management with network configuration analysis, user activity tracking and remote firmware upgrade.
  • Ensure compliance of IT infrastructure to standards critical compliance standards including PCI, SOX, HIPAA etc.
  • Leverage automated backup, role based accesss control, diff. view and change tracking to ensure effective & flawless change implementation.
IT Operations Monitoring - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

Firewall Management

  • Leverage firewall rule anamoly detection & rule impact analysis for effective rule implementation.
  • Track and manage firewall policies. Perform periodic security audits on your firewall infrastructure to ensure IT infastructure security. Track and monitor VPN & proxy servers in realtime.
  • Analyze, manage and ensure compliance of firewall infrastructure to popular firewall standards including PCI DSS, ISO 270001, SANS, NIST & NERC CIP.
  • Keep track of changes to firewall configuration with automated firewall configuration change tracking.
  • Get detailed reports on vpn usage, proxy server logs. OpManager Plus, an efficient IT operations management software helps in the process of proactively identifying threats from firewall logs using forensic log analysis.
IT Operations Management Suite - ManageEngine OpManager Plus

IP Address & Switch Port Management

  • Perform proactive IP address management by leveraging OpManager Plus's support for scanning, monitoring & management of all IPv4 & IPv6 subnets in the IT infrastructure.
  • Gain in-depth visibility into switch port infrastructure with into IP, MAC, status and port speed of switch ports in an IT infrastructure.
  • Step-up IT infrastructure security with the help of a powerful and robust rouge device detection mechanism.
  • Leverage in-built diagnostic tools like SNMP tools, Cisco, Wake on LAN, IP diagnostics and address monitoring to facilitate efficient IT infastructure management.
IT Operations Management Process

Application & Storage monitoring

  • Proactive analyze current and historic usage trends to predict future storage utilization patterns.
  • Monitor and manage various storage devices including RAID, tape library systems & fabric switches.
  • Perform out of the box monitoring of over 130 on-premises and on-cloud applications. With Applications Manager plugin, measure multi-page workflows, perform multi-geographic monitoring and application slowdown analysis to ensure 24x7 website availability.
  • Gain end-to-end visibility over performance of storage devices and applications in the IT infrastructure.

OpManager Plus - A unified tool for proactive it operations management

Managing IT operations a complicated process that requires round the clock monitoring of critcal performance metrics, optimization of network bandwidth, proactive change and compliance tracking, end to end application performance management, and robust IP address management

OpManager Plus's unified console brings all these IT operations segments under a single umbrella. It helps organizations adopt a fail-proof IT operations management strategy and helps them ensure maximum returns for their investment in their IT infrastructure.

Why OpManager Plus?

Unified console for enterprise IT operations management

Single console for managing performance, configuration, bandwidth, firewall, compliance, storage, applications, IP address, and switch ports eliminates the need to switch between multiple tools for enterprise IT operations management services.

Integrated dashboards and business views

Unified dashboard, along with advanced visualization tools like business views and 3D floor views, provide in-depth visibility into various ITOM components from a single pane of glass.

Quick RCA and IT automation to reduce MTTR

Workflow, an automated L1 & L2 fault management system, helps IT administrators to identify, troubleshoot, and resolve faults in IT infrastructure quickly.

Exhaustive reports for advanced performance analytics

200+ built-in reports on various IT operations management parameters including health, availability, compliance, bandwidth, firewall rules, etc., for in-depth IT performance analysis.

Instant notifications via multiple channels

Instant alerts and multi-level threshold-based notifications via multiple channels - including email, Slack, SMS, web-based console, and more to help in proactive fault detection

Integrations with other applications

One-click integration to ITSM tools (ServiceDesk Plus & ServiceNow), communication tools (Slack), and REST API based integrations facilitate proactive IT infrastructure fault management.

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Trusted by IT admins across the globe

Simple licensing and a good set of built-in features make this a fine monitoring choice that’s easy to manage
- IT Pro, on OpManager Plus

ManageEngine's OpManager Plus is good choice for those looking to run server monitoring on-premises with a tool that can also handle bandwidth management and network configuration management.
- Serverwatch, on OpManager Plus

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