ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer improves network forensics and WAN monitoring

Austin, TX, July 27, 2011-- ManageEngine, makers of a globally renowned suite of cost effective network, systems, applications and security management software solutions, today announced a new version of ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer, the company's web-based network bandwidth and traffic monitoring software, with an enhanced Advanced Security Analytics Module(ASAM) that detects network anomalies through the analysis of network behavior.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is a traffic analysis and network forensic tool that collects Cisco NetFlow, IPFIX, sFlow, jFlow, cflowd and NetStream as well as Cisco NBAR and CBQoS data to provide unparalleled visibility into the network. ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer’s enhanced ASAM add-on is a real-time network anomaly detection tool that provides seamless visibility into internal and external network threats. The new module delivers insight into newer classes of network anomalies, such as scans/probes, DoS/Flash crowd and suspect flows. Network problems are also represented based on geography and topology.

ManageEngine also added support for two key technologies from Cisco - IPSLA and Wide Area Application Services (WAAS). In response to the growing adoption of WAN-based and Voice over IP (VoIP) applications, NetFlow Analyzer monitors critical performance parameters, such as jitter, packet loss, latency and round-trip time. And with new support for WAAS reporting, NetFlow Analyzer enables reporting on TCP-based applications on a Wide Area Network performing at optimum levels. The new version of Netflow Analyzer also adds IP groups and WAN RTT monitoring, both of which help in monitoring branch office links and identifying the root cause of trouble identified between links.

"NetFlow Analyzer is a very reliable and beneficial tool to our network operations. The ability to set up IP groups really helps us drill down and keep track of network traffic all the way down to the individual user," said Greg Racino, TexMesh Networks. "The automated report feature is also a convenient way to pass information to others in the organization. We would recommend this tool to anyone who needs to keep close watch on their valuable network resources."

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer also adds support for IPv6.

"At ManageEngine, we believe in removing the complications from technologies. This approach help us understand customer needs and develop solutions that work for them intuitively. In NetFlow Analyzer 9, we have introduced the IPSLA module that focuses on making VoIP and WAN RTT monitoring simple," said Vijayarangakannan Rajkumar, product manager at ManageEngine. "We are also glad to introduce features like WAAS, Branch Office Monitoring and IPv6 support, which will pave the way for better network forensics."

Pricing and Availability

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer starts at $795 USD and is available for download as a fully-functional 30-day trial. The new Advanced Security Analytics Module (ASAM) is available as an add-on to ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer and is available for download at the ManageEngine website. The add-on pricing begins at $595.

About ManageEngine

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