Remote Task Manager Tool

The Remote Task Manager tool provides information about programs and processes running on a remote computer. Nearly ten parameters of each process can be viewed using this tool. To use this tool, follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Remote Task Manager tool from the Launcher to invoke the tool.
  2. Specify the Domain name, user name and password to connect with the remote computer. Please note that the user name and password specified here should have the necessary privileges to do this operation in the remote computers.
  3. Specify the Computer name from which currently running programs and processes should be retrieved.
  4. Click Get Processes to retrieve the currently running programs and processes from the remote computer.
  5. Click Refresh to get the latest programs and processes from that computer.
  6. To view various parameters of each processes, click Choose Column button. Select the check boxes that you want to be displayed as column headings.