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README for Build 57000

Enhancements & Bug Fixes between Build 5600 &57000

IP Address Manager

  1. IP Address Manager will now alert when the IP Utilization of a subnet falls below or exceeds the prescribed limit.
  2. Issue in showing duplicate IP Address in IP Address Manager has been fixed.
  3. Issue in not scanning all the IP Addresses of a subnet has been fixed.
  4. Issue in deleting all the subnets from the IP Address Manager tool has been fixed.
  5. Issue in maintaining the status of the IP Address in the IP Usage Summary report has been fixed in IP Address Manager tool.
  6. Issue in available IP addresses report has been fixed in IP Address Manager Tool.
  7. Performance of IP Address Manager has been increased by query optimization.
  8. Tool tip related issues has been fixed.
  9. Issue in displaying the colum chooser when number of IPs managed is high has been fixed.
  10. Issue in cleaning up the old alerts has been fixed.
  11. A new column, DNS name, is added for Report view.
  12. Now Search with DNS name will return the result even if corresponding IP value is empty.
  13. Issue in changing the reserved static ip has been fixed.
  14. Issue in navigating the summary graph navigation has been fixed.
  15. Issue in checking the licensed IP Address count when adding a subnet has been fixed.
  16. Performance issue has been fixed in home page.
  17. Issue in rendering the view when the subnet count is high has been fixed.
  18. Issue in exporting IP Address Manager reports to PDF format has been fixed.
  19. Issue in adding a subnet has been fixed.
  20. Issue in synchronizing the data with the Active Directory has been fixed.

Switch Port Mapper

  1. Switch Port Mapper allows you to create custom columns for storing user-defined values both at the summary and port detail level.
  2. Switch Port Mapper search has been enhanced to include VLAN Name in the search string.
  3. Option to Telnet a switch has been added to the Tools within Switch Port Mapper.
  4. The switch port status 7 has been specifically handled for 3com switches.
  5. Issue in searching a VLAN ID in text format has been fixed.
  6. Option to exclude specific switch ports from the switch has been included.
  7. Issue in showing the VLAN details of Nortel Switches has been fixed.
  8. Performance of Switch Port Mapper has been increased by query optimization.
  9. Issue in exporting reports to PDF in the Switch Port Mapper tool has been fixed.
  10. New report has been introduced based on port operation status change time.
  11. Issue in saving the Alert configuration has been fixed.
  12. Group name of the switch will now be displayed in the alphebetical order..
  13. Switch Port Mapper now includes the VLAN details of Nortel Switches.
  14. New alert introduced to notify high port utilization.
  15. Issue in scanning the switches when the VLAN ID is too big has been fixed.
  16. Error in calculating ifSpeed value has been fixed.
  17. Option to get the current state of the switch port has been included.

Rogue Detection

  1. Issue in showing duplicate entries in Rogue Detection tool has been fixed.
  2. Option to delete all the discovered devices in the Rogue Detection tool has been included.
  3. New columns have been added: ifIndex,ifName,ifAliasName,VlanID.
  4. Issue in accessing Rogue Detection tool has been fixed.

Config File Manager

  1. Option to Import the Cisco Devices from a CSV file has been included in the Config File Manager.
  2. Option to add descriptions for the devices has been included in Config File Manager.

Network Monitor

  1. Issue in sending normal alerts when no critical alerts are generated has been fixed in the Network Monitor tool.
  2. Option to import the device details to Network Monitor tool has been added.
  3. Email Alerting enhanced with alert escalation in Network Monitor Tool.


  1. Bandwidth Monitor Summary View now includes additional columns like Volume, Utilization, and Packets data.
  2. Option to edit the Interface Name added in Bandwidth Monitor tool.
  3. The unit of measurement of Volume and Speed will automatically get converted to their nearest units like KB/MB/GB and Kbps/Mbps/Gbps in the Bandwidth Monitor tool.
  4. Alert to notify when the device is down or when not responding to SNMP queries has been included in Bandwidth Monitor tool.
  5. User Access Control introduced - Create users in Technician roles who will have read-only access to the following tools - Switch Port Mapper, Network Monitor, Config File Manager, IP Address Manager, and Rogue Detection.
  6. Option to create custom reports has been included.
  7. Issue in exporting the complete data instead of the filtered data alone has been fixed.
  8. Scheduled Database backup has been added.
  9. Home Page Loading time decreased by query optimization.
  10. Issue in running OpUtils at port 80 has been fixed.
  11. Encoding issues in displaying non-Engilish data has been fixed.
  12. Confirm Password field included while changing the password.
  13. Issue in saving the alert configuration in Bandwidth Monitor tool has been fixed.
  14. Table navigation of all the view and reports enhanced with navigation links at the bottom of the table.
  15. Size to hold the "To Address" value in the database has been increased to accommodate multiple email addresses.

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