Featured Tools

Scan IPv4 & IPv6 subnets in the network to identify the available and used IP Addresses.

Scan all the switches in your network and map the switch ports to devices down to its physical location.

Identify the rogue device intrusions and block their access.

Monitor the critical servers in the network for availability and alert for immediate attention.

Builds the MAC-IP combination of devices in the network through various resources, which is useful for troubleshooting.

Other Tools

Diagnostic Tools

  • Ping Tool - Tool to ping a node to check its connectivity status in the network.
  • SNMP Ping - Tool to ping a node, for checking if the node is SNMP enabled.
  • Network Scanner - Tool to scan a range of IP addresses to check if the availability using ICMP/SNMP, forward and reverse lookup and to identify their MAC addresses.
  • Proxy Ping - Tool to do a ping test from a remote router to another remote device.
  • Trace Route - Tool to record the route (the specific gateway computers at each hop) through the network from Host to the target Destination.

Address Monitoring Tools

  • MAC Address Resolver - Tool to resolve IP Address or Host Name to MAC Address and vice versa.
  • DNS Resolver - A data query tool to translate host name into IP Address and vice versa.

Network Monitoring Tools

  • Wake-On-LAN - Tool to remotely power on a PC.
  • Port Scanner - Tool to scan the ports of a system.
  • System Details Update - Tool to view and update the details, such as Name, Location, and Contact details.
  • System Explorer - Tool to view the complete details of a device like, disk space, cpu usage, processes, installed software, etc.
  • TCP Reset - Tool to find and reset the list of TCP connections established with the switches, routers, etc., in the network.

Cisco Tools

  • Device Scan - Utility to scan a subnet or a range of IP Addresses to collect the details of the Cisco Devices in the scanned range.
  • TFTP Server - Tool to view the Config Files available in the TFTP Root. It also enables changing the TFTP Root directory and edit/upload config files from here.
  • Device Explorer - Tool to view the complete details of a cisco device like Device Snapshot, Chassis, Flash, IOS, IP Routes, Device Monitor, Interfaces, and Access Lists.

SNMP Tools

  • SNMP Walker - Tool to retrieve information for a set of OIDs in a MIB.
  • SNMP Table - Tool to retrieve the data for the specified Table OID from the device.
  • SNMP Graph - Tool to gather data in real time and to draw graph for any SNMP device using the available data.
  • MIB Browser - Tool to load, browse, search, and walk through SNMP MIBs, and perform certain basic SNMP functions.
  • MIB Viewer - Tool to retrieve and analyze information about a MIB or a specific MIB OID/node from a MIB file.
  • Community Checker - Tool to detect the read and write community strings of the devices in the network.

Integration with other ManageEngine Software

OpManager - Network Monitoring Software

OpManager is a complete, end-to-end Network Monitoring software that offers advanced fault and performance management functionality across critical IT resources such as routers, WAN links, switches, firewalls, VoIP call paths, physical servers, virtual servers, domain controllers & other IT infrastructure devices.

Integrating OpUtils with OpManager will add IP Address Management and Switch Port Mapping functions to OpManager, which gets added as IPAM and Switch Port Mapper tabs.