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README for Build 58000

Enhancements & Bug Fixes between Build 57000 & 58000

IP Address Manager

  1. Issue in occupying high disk space in storing the IP History Data has now been fixed.
  2. The IP Address Manager tool now includes additional columns like Last Successful Scan, Last Scan Status and Remarks for the Active Directory Domains that are added.
  3. Last and Next scan schedules of the Active Directory Domains will be shown at the top of the domain lists in the IP Address Manager tool.
  4. While approving the auto-discovered subnets in the IP Address Manager, administrators will now be able to assign a domain to a subnet.
  5. Options to add routers from IP Address Manager has been included.
  6. Option to initiate subnet discovery from routers has been included in IP Address Manager.
  7. IP Address Manager now supports scanning multiple Domains of the Windows Active Directory
  8. The IP Detail view will now show the domain to which the IP belong.
  9. Graphical representation of subnet usage has been included in IP Address Manager Tool.
  10. Subnets in the IP Address Manager will now be shown in CIDR Notation (e.g.
  11. You can now specify the DNS Server that the IP Address Manager should use to resolve the DNS Names of the IPs.
  12. Issue in displaying the previous DNS name when the IP gets reallocated has been fixed.
  13. Issue in showing duplicate IP Addresses in IP Address Manager has been fixed.

Switch Port Mapper

  1. The Location column in the CSV export of the Switch Details view is renamed to Physical Location to match the UI column name.
  2. The procedure to retrieve the VLAN information of Extreme and Force10 switches has been modified.
  3. The default value for classifying a port as stacked port has been changed to 2 from 10.


  1. Database version changed from Firebird-  to Firebird-
  2. You will now be able to create a custom column to add/upload related files.
  3. Links to knowledge base articles have been added along with the error message.
  4. Useful Links has been introduced in the OpUtils Summary Page.
  5. Issue in exporting the data from the Network Monitor tool has been fixed.
  6. Issue in sending empty alerts from the Rogue Detection tool has been fixed.

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