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README for Build 71000

Enhancements & Bug Fixes between Build 70000 & 71000

IP Address Manager

  1. OpUtils IPAM now supports IPv6
  2. You can now monitor a Windows DHCP Server that runs on a different domain that of the computer where OpUtils is installed.
  3. Issue in creating scheduled tasks for scanning subnets has been fixed.
  4. Windows DHCP Server monitoring has been included in IP Address Manager tool. 

Switch Port Mapper

  1. Issue in wrongly displaying the number of switches that are being currently scanned has been fixed.
  2. Switch Port Mapper now list the switches in your network in hierarchical tree view, which can be logically grouped.
  3. Issue in creating scheduled tasks for scanning switches has been fixed.
  4. Issue in displaying the Used Ports and Available Ports reports have been fixed.
  5. Issue in listing the scheduled reports in Switch Port Mapper has been fixed.
  6. Issue in creating groups in Switch Port Mapper has been fixed.
  7. Issue in modifying ifAlias name for multiple ports at same time has been fixed.
  8. Issue in showing wrong vlan information on a port for Cisco v3 switches has been fixed.
  9. Importing device details from CSV file in Switch Port Mapper & Config File Manager now supports SNMP v3 input details.
  10. Issue in searching the switch details when you search using a DNS name of the switch has been fixed.
  11. Context Name in SNMP v3 settings is now made optional
  12. Intelligence to retrieve the VLAN details of Extreme Switches has been enhanced to include EXTREME-VLAN-MIB

Rogue Detection

  1. Issue in scheduled scanning the routers has been fixed 


  1. Issue in starting OpUtils when used as a plug-in to OpManager in some specific cases has been fixed.
  2. Issue in validating port number in port scanner has been fixed.
  3. When editing a custom query report, issue in showing the correct SQL query has been fixed.
  4. While exporting the data from a Custom Query Report that has more than 100 rows of data, only the 100 rows that were currently displayed was exported. This has been fixed to export all the data.
  5. Issue in displaying incorrect schedule in the tool tip of the SPM and IPAM Scheduled reports has been fixed.
  6. Issue in listing the scheduled reports has been fixed.
  7. While scheduling a report to run Only Once, you will now have an option to choose the date in addition to the time.

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