Security Manager Plus


Network Security Scanner & Patch Management Software

Network Security Scanner & Patch Management

What is Security Manager Plus?

What problems does Security Manager Plus solve?

Security Manager Plus provides detailed inventory of the network assets, assesses network vulnerabilities and identifies devices that are exposed. By deploying missing patches/updates and service packs, Security Manager Plus automatically remediates some open threats to the systems. Security Mananger Plus also provides solutions to mitigate risks and secure IT environment and generates comprehensive audit reports for compliance and understanding.

What features does Security Manager Plus offer?

Vulnerability Scanning , Open Ports Detection , Hardware / Software Inventories , Patch Management , Windows Change Management , Audit Reports , PCI DSS Compliance Reporting

Who can use Security Manager Plus ?

Security Manager Plus is an enterprise class software and can be used by :

  • Enterprises

Small, medium and large enterprises of different verticals with an eye to secure their network infrastructure

  • Independent Security Consultants

Consultants who are engaged by organizations to offer advice & other security services

  • Security Service Providers

Service Providers who offer vulnerability management as a service over the internet to their customers

What platforms/vendors/technologies does Security Manager Plus support?

Platforms: Windows and Linux
Vendors: Microsoft, Red Hat, Debian, CentOS

What are the various Editions of Security Manager Plus?

Standard Edition

Security Manager Plus Standard Edition has
  • Windows patch management
  • Linux patch management
  • Patch management reporting
  • Manage over internet

Professional Edition

Security Manager Plus Professional Edition has
  • All features of Standard edition
  • Network vulnerability scanning & reporting
  • Windows file & registry change management
  • PCI DSS Compliance reporting