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Network Security Scanner & Patch Management Software


Vulnerability Database

Vulnerabilities are constantly on the rise as hackers are getting smarter by the day. A network security scanner like Security Manager Plus needs to be in tune with the most recently discovered vulnerabilities and patch information, so that it can identify the latest vulnerabilities in your network as well as remediate them.

Security Manager Plus has a comprehensive database of industry-known vulnerabilities from trusted sources like CVE, SecurityFocus, SANS etc. and also maintains it patch database information from sites like Microsoft, Red Hat & Debian. Vulnerabilities are classified into predefined vulnerability groups based on :

  • services they affect like HTTP, Telnet, IMAP etc.
  • operating systems like Windows
  • device categories like Cisco
  • application servers like Mail servers, Database Servers (MSSQL, MySQL, Oracle), Web Servers
  • others like CGI abuses, SANS Top 20 vulnerabilities

The vulnerability database is frequently updated with new signatures so that you can ensure full security from recently released vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Knowledge Base
Vulnerability Knowledge Base
Vulnerability Knowledge Base
  • Obtained from trusted sources like CVE, SANS etc.
  • Frequently updated with latest signatures
  • New Update Availability notification in Security Manager Plus web interface
Patches Knowledge Base
Patches Knowledge Base
Patches Knowledge Base
  • Latest bulletin releases from Microsoft
  • Support for more than 26 OS languages and applications
  • Contains both security and non-security patches for Windows