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Inventory Reports
Inventory Management Reports

ServiceDesk Plus does a neat classification of the different types of your assets (both hardware & software inventory) & presents the inventory in a tabular as well as graphical form. It offers a wide range of Inventory reports, some of which are listed below.


  • Assets by Product Types
  • Assets by Product
  • Assets by Acquisition Date
  • Assets by Expiry Date
  • Assets by Requester
  • Unassigned Assets by Product Type
  • Unassigned Assets by Product
  • Assets not in Contract (by ProductType)
  • Assets not in Contract (by Product)
  • Assets from Vendor (by ProductType)
  • Assets from Vendor (by Product)


  • Workstations by OS
  • Workstations by Manufacturer
  • Workstations by Domain
  • Workstations by Network
  • Unassigned workstations by Domain
  • Unassigned workstations by Network
  • OS count by Domain
  • OS count by Network
  • Model count by Domain
  • Model count by Network
  • Manufacturer count by Domain
  • Manufacturer count by Network