When technicians log in each day, they are often given a consolidated view of all the issues that are over due, open or closed for the day. They work in the help desk environment through out the day. To have a customizable page where they can add their own tasks or reminders and also mark their unavailability for each day makes it easier for them to keep track of their daily schedule. At the same time this also aids the administrators regarding the availability of each technician and also keeps them aware of public holidays.

Help Desk Software - Daily Schedule at a glance

When a technician logs in each day, it helps if he/she can get an update of the day's activity all in a single place. The Scheduler provides technicians with a calendar view indicating the request, task, change and problem count for each day right on the home page itself.

Technician Availability

Help Desk Software - Technician Availability

Technicians can create their to-do list for the day in the scheduler itself. They can mark their unavailability; create new tasks, and reminders from the calendar. This aggregates the data each technician would require per day to function efficiently.

Technician Availability Chart

Help Desk Software - Technician Availability Chart

A chart indicating the availability of technician on a given date helps the administrator know the technician availability at a single glance. Administrators can check the availability of all the technicians before assigning tickets with this feature. This also helps prevent duplication of requests.