Free SQL Health Monitor


  • Monitor the performance of all MS SQL Server versions up to MS SQL Server 2014
  • Keep a tab on the performance parameters of both default and named instances
  • Get a dashboard view of system resources used & MS SQL performance parameters
  • Fetch the status of Winodws services related to your MS SQL Server
  • Keep an eye on buffer, memory, lock and latch details of your MS SQL Server
  • Generate real time performance reports in PDF format and Email it from the tool
SQL Health Monitor

Free SQL Performance Monitoring Tool

Keep an eye on your SQL Server performance! Database servers are critical to business and need to be highly available. ManageEngine SQL Health Monitoring Tool helps monitor MS SQL Servers for performance, availability and monitors all the MS SQL versions including MS SQL 2012 and 2014.  You can monitor up to two SQL Servers simultaneously. The tool supports both default and named instances.

SQL Performance Monitoring - ManageEngine Free Tools

MS SQL Monitoring

  • Monitor CPU, memory and disk space utilization of the SQL Servers
  • Get complete details about SQL Server sessions, buffer, memory, locks and latches
  • Auto discover SQL Servers in the network
  • View general server performance and utilization details with color coded alerts
MS SQL Monitoring - ManageEngine Free Tools

SQL Server Monitoring

Looking for a way to monitor SQL Server database? Use SQL Health Monitor tool!
  • View the database details for active transactions, database size, log files used, log cache hit ratio and transactions per second
SQL Server Monitoring

SQL Monitoring – Settings

  • Set critical and warning thresholds for CPU, memory, disk space, buffer cache hit ratio, free pages, page reads/sec, page writes/sec and SQL cache memory
MSSQL Server Reports & Email

MSSQL Server Reporting & Email 

  • Get a snap shot of real-time performance report fetched by the tool in PDF format and Email your stake-holders from the tool