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SupportCenter Plus Training

About Support Center Plus

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SupportCenter Plus Training helps IT Managers, Administrators, and staff to get a head start in understanding and implementing an effective Customer Help Desk Solution.

The duration of the course is two days, with a seven-hour session each day and can be extended subject to consultation and implementation needs if any.

Course Objectives Who Should Attend Course Agenda

Course Agenda

Introduction to SupportCenter Plus

  • Overview of the Customer Support Software industry and market
  • SupportCenter Plus Overview
  • Benefits of SupportCenter Plus
  • Different Users in the Segment

Customer Interaction Management

  • Creating request through available Channels of communication
    (Email, Phone, Web and Forums)
  • Managing Requests through Business Rules
  • Support Staff Notes
  • Private and Public conversations
  • Threading of conversations
  • Notification rules

Contracts Management

  • Defining Contracts for Accounts
  • Defining Support Plans
  • Hour based, Incident based & Fixed
  • Defining the SLAs & associating them with the Support Plan
  • Associating Support Plans with Contracts
  • Defining Multiple Contracts based on Products


  • Defining Topics
  • Defining and configuring solutions under different topics
  • Defining Account specific topics and views
  • How solutions can be tagged and making the
    search simple.

Customer Experience Management

  • Defining and configuring Surveys
  • Creating Surveys
  • Analyzing Survey results

The 4 Different Pictures

  • How SupportCenter Plus will be in the eyes of Customer, Support Staff, Account Manager and the Administrator.

Time Entry & Billing

  • Making time entries.
  • Calculating time spent based on contracts and support plans
  • How it will help in customer billing.

Deploying SupportCenter Plus

  • Defining and creating different Users of the organization
  • Defining Roles, Groups and Categories
  • Defining Priorities, Statuses, Levels and Business Rules
  • Creating, Importing Accounts and Contacts
  • Customizing request template
  • Customizing Self Service Portal, Knowledge Base
  • Integrating with Microsoft Outlook

Account & Contact Management

  • How to store, track and manage contact information effectively?
  • Defining account hierarchies and assigning contacts for each
  • Tracking account associations with respect to product
  • Creating and defining account specific solutions
  • Creating and Assigning Topic Template

Self-Service Portal

  • Configuring Self-Service Portal by Administrator
  • How customer can login, make and track his requests.
  • Role of a Primary Account?
  • Importance and benefits of deploying Customer Portal.


  • Making standard reports to analyze the customer data based on requests, accounts etc.
  • Creating custom reports, matrix reports and query reports.
  • Scheduling reports to different users
  • Exporting reports in different formats.
  • Importance and benefits of reports in the Support Process


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