• ManageEngine Certification

Product Expert Program (PEP)

Product Expert Program

ManageEngine Certified Product Associate (MECPA)

ManageEngine Certified Product Professional (MECPP)

ManageEngine Certified Product Expert (MECPE)

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Domain Expert Program (DEP)

Domain Expert Program

ManageEngine Certified Domain Associate (MECDA)

ManageEngine Certified Domain Professional (MECDP)

ManageEngine Certified Domain Expert (MECDE)

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Solution Expert Program (SEP)

Solution Expert Program

ManageEngine Certified Solution Associate (MECSA)

ManageEngine Certified Solution Professional (MECSP)

ManageEngine Certified Solution Expert (MECSE)

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Things To Be Noted Before Taking Up The Professional and Expert Level of ManageEngine Certification

  1. The Certifications are online and will be monitored over WebEx with a Webcam with a remote access to your laptop.
  2. a) The Professional Level Certification will have 50 multiple choice questions and has to be answered in 60 minutes.
    b) The Expert Level Certification will have 60 questions and has to be answered in 90 minutes.
  3. The pass percentage for the certification is 70%.
  4. The certifications will be on our complete and relevant ManageEngine Product and will not be limited to any editions or versions of the same.
  5. The candidates should have hands-on complete ManageEngine Product to pass the certification.
  6. This is an open book exam where the candidate will be allowed to refer the product while taking up the certification.
  7. Training is offered only to know our ManageEngine Product and not to pass the certification of the product.
  8. Candidates can retake the respective certification by paying the appropriate fee for improving their score.
  9. Relevant Digital Certificate(s) and Title(s) will be provided on successful completion of the certification, which is universally valid. The title(s) can also be used in your signatures.
  10. Expert Level Certification can be taken only if Candidates have a valid Professional Level Certification.


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  • Intl : +1 925 924 9500
  • Aus : +1 800 631 268
  • UK : 0800 028 6590
  • CN : +86 400 660 8680