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25 Years of
Our Life’s Work

25 years of impact

Impact is the key word

As the enterprise IT management division of Zoho Corp., ManageEngine is honored to contribute to Zoho’s impact
with nearly 20 years spent serving our employees, customers, and communities.

Your Life's Work, Powered By Our Life's Work.

Guided by principles

People at the Core

Driving opportunity

While talent may be universal, opportunities are not. One of our key purposes is to provide opportunity to those who are underserved or otherwise ignored.

Embracing talent, not credentials

We hire people for their potential, not the schools they attended. Instead, we offer candidates the chance to discover new skills and grow professionally.

Long-term investment in people

The best teacher is time, hands-on training, and the ability to explore different roles. We give employees the space and flexibility to discover for themselves how to drive value at Zoho.

Personality at work

Going to work shouldn't mean giving up your personality; it should be just as much about personal growth as about professional success. We make room for both.

Finding your life's work

When work is instilled with purpose and passion for decades, it becomes one's life's work. Invested for the long term, we cultivate people who truly believe in what they do.

Values and Convictions

Redefining capital

We view capital as the collective capability contained within an individual or a group working for a common cause. Not in terms of dollars and cents.

Prioritizing R&D

We believe in building technology capability and knowledge capital. In every one of our divisions, R&D takes precedence over sales and marketing, and that's how we've expanded our product portfolio, year by year.

Committed to privacy

Convictions play a crucial role in making business decisions, and protecting customers' privacy is one of them. As a result, we don't use third-party trackers, we don't sell your data, and we don't run ads inside our apps.

The limits of "measurement"

Not everything that can be measured should be. Not everything that is measured is important. Intangible assets—like our culture, our people, and our passion—are what truly matter to us.

Principles before profits

Business profitability means nothing if we are morally bankrupt. Driven by strong, deeply-held principles, we want to focus on serving the greater good, not just the bottom line.

What our customers and partners say

What I like about Zoho is that they care about the man on the street, the start-ups. When we were starting up, that’s what drew me to Zoho. They love to engage with start up companies and love to grow the companies with them. I view them as a company that genuinely likes to help with anything related to IT.
Mark Cheshire ICT Head, eBucks
We don’t just take the products from Zoho, we take their rich values too. Hiring an experienced candidate to work with you is easy. But the satisfaction that you get in identifying the potential in someone who has no experience and you nurture their traits and get them ready for the role is something else. We have noticed this approach work with Zoho Schools of Learning and have been inspired to adopt this idea at our organization.
Jignasu Rathod CEO, Elitser Technologies
As a whole, ManageEngine has a company culture that is quite different from other software vendors. The employees feel like a family, the partners feel like extended members of the family. We know they are going to support our projects, and that confidence allows us to provide much better service to our customers.
Chuck Cohen Managing Director, IREO
The decision to partner with Zoho was a big decision for us. However, it came down to one solid reason: Zoho is not for sale. That is one more thing that is very, very special about Zoho.
Kyle David CEO, The Kyle David Group LLC.
Zoho's philosophy of supporting remote workers who live, work and lead in their home communities is important to us as an international business.
Julie Vails Founder, The Mahalani
CCSP takes pride in promoting kindness, aspiration, accountability, attention to detail, and integrity. In all that we do and hold ourselves accountable for... no partner better walks that path than Zoho
Marc Fishman Director of Sales and Marketing, Call Center Sales Pro

The Zoho family