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Features Standard Professional

AD management and reporting

Over 200 AD reports
AD user management
AD computer management
Multiple-domain management
Help desk delegation
Integration with ITSM and SIEM applications
Scheduled reports
AD group management
AD contact management
OU-based administration
File server management
GPO management
Automation with orchestration capabilities
Integration with HCM applications
Active Directory migration

UBA-driven AD, Azure AD, file server, Windows Server, and workstation auditing

AD logon activity monitoring
AD user, group, computer, OU, and GPO change auditing
Administrator and help desk technician activity auditing
Scheduled, preconfigured reports
Threshold-based email alerts
Compliance-specific reports
Local Administrator Password Solution auditing
Account lockout reports
Account lockout analyzer
Auditing of GPO settings
Tracking of all attribute changes made to users, computers, groups, and OUs
Auditing of AD object attributes' new and old values
Auditing of AD permission changes
DNS server auditing
Schema, contact, and configuration auditing
Support for Microsoft SQL Server databases

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File server and failover cluster auditing Add-On Add-On
EMC file server modification monitoring Add-On Add-On
NetApp Filer change tracking Add-On Add-On
Synology network-attached storage (NAS) server change tracking Add-On Add-On
Hitachi NAS server change tracking Add-On Add-On
Huawei NAS server change tracking Add-On Add-On
Azure AD auditing Add-On Add-On
Windows Server auditing: Add-On Add-On
Workstation auditing: Add-On Add-On

Password self-service and MFA

Password reset and account unlock
Password and account expiration notifications
Password synchronization
Single sign-on
Password policy enforcer (ADSelfService Plus portal)
Employee directory update and people search
Password reset from Windows, macOS, and Linux logon screens
Password policy enforcer (Windows change password screen and ADUC)
Cached credentials updating for remote password resets
Endpoint MFA (MFA for Windows, macOS, and Linux logons; VPN and OWA logons) Add-On Add-On

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Failover and secure gateway services (high availability, load balancing, and reverse proxy) Add-On Add-On

Hybrid Exchange reporting, auditing, and monitoring

Exchange Server reports
Exchange Online reports
Skype for Business reports
Exchange Server mailbox content search
Exchange Server auditing
Exchange Online auditing
Exchange Server monitoring

Microsoft 365 reporting, auditing, monitoring, and management

Over 700 preconfigured Microsoft 365 and Azure reports
Azure AD user management
Exchange Online bulk mailbox management
Microsoft Teams management
Help desk delegation
Microsoft 365 user management automation
Microsoft 365 content search

Disaster recovery for AD, Exchange, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace

AD objects backup | Granular restoration
Azure AD backup | Granular restoration
Exchange mailbox backup | Granular restoration
Microsoft 365 backup | Granular restoration
Google Workspace backup| Granular restoration
Backup scheduler
Backup retention
Multiple storage options (on-premises and cloud)

* RecoveryManager Plus is available only in the Standard Edition of AD360.