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Integrated Identity & Access Management Solution

Active Directory Security and Compliance Management

Windows Active Directory serves as the foundation of IT infrastructure for many organizations. It plays a crucial role in sharing network resources quickly and securely among users. Knowing the importance of Active Directory, IT regulatory requirements and data protection laws mandate that organizations accurately control and continuously audit access to data in Active Directory. Any mismanagement can attract hefty fines and compromise an organization's reputation. Unfortunately, the native auditing capabilities in Active Directory fall short on many fronts, including ease of use and tracking critical events.

Our Active Directory compliance reporting and management tool, AD360, ensures the security and compliance of Active Directory. AD360 helps protect AD objects by providing complete visibility over changes happening in real time. Easily meet various compliance requirements with out-of-the-box audit reports that are mapped to specific compliance laws. Immediately respond to threats and security breaches with real-time alerts.

What can AD360 do?

Compliance reporting

Automate the process of compliance with preconfigured and customizable audit reports. AD360 provides out-of-the-box reports for SOX, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, FISMA, and GLBA compliance laws to ensure your AD environment is compliant throughout the year.

Real-time change auditing

AD360 helps you track changes to Windows Active Directory objects (users, OUs, groups, computers, schema, DNS, GPOs, etc.) in real time. Choose from over 200 preconfigured audit reports and schedule them to be automatically delivered right to your inbox. 

Real-time alerts

Get real-time, on-screen alerts along with email notifications whenever unauthorized network access or modification events occur. Configure alerts of varying urgencies or severities, and also based on user, time, and volume thresholds. 

User logon activities tracking

Monitor user logon activity on domain controllers in real time with preconfigured audit reports and email alerts. Audit reports ensure that you know users’ recent logon activities, including the originating IP address for account lockout events.

Active Directory forensic analysis

Quickly discover who did what and when with detailed forensic-style analysis of AD changes. Track changes at the attribute level, and compare the old and new values. Spot undesired changes and revert to the correct value immediately. 

Combat insider threats

AD360 provides a search utility which offers a consolidation of three different audit summaries: actions by an account, logon history of an account, and object history. Each summary report is further linked to an elaborate report for closer inspection on insider activities.