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Identity and Access Management Solution

In this information age where data is everything, hackers resort to highly sophisticated methods to steal classfied organizational data. The threat of hackers and other security breaches leave IT administrators with the task of securing huge volumes of critical data. To prevent unauthorized access by users and hackers alike, administrators have to make sure that only authorized personnel access organizational data. Implementing and managing an effective identity and access management (IAM) strategy is the best way to achieve this.

IAM solutions let administrators automate labor-intensive processes—such as employee onboarding and offboarding, managing permissions effectively when employees change roles within the organization, and granting appropriate access based on employees' roles—while maintaining an audit trail.

With ManageEngine AD360, administrators can easily handle all of these tasks. It acts as the perfect IAM solution, allowing administrators to manage an Active Directory (AD) user account through its entire life cycle—from creation to decommission. AD360 enables administrators to automate many daily AD activities, all while staying true to their organization's security and business regulations.

What can AD360 do?

AD360 allows you to perform the following functions:

User provisioning and deprovisioning

Most crucial AD tasks are repetitive, so automating them can save a huge amount of time and effort. With AD360, you can automate tasks such as user account provisioning and deprovisioning with a workflow, ensuring that crucial data stays in the right hands.

You can also create user accounts in bulk and provision users with AD, Google Apps, and Office 365 accounts simultaneously, eliminating the need for multiple provisioning processes.

User access management

AD360 helps administrators make sure each user has the right amount of privileges and access. Maintain an audit trail of all users' access to resources while managing permissions and rights granted to users.

Privileged account management

Each organization has their own share of user accounts with elevated privileges, which can cause a lot of trouble if compromised. AD360 allows administrators to monitor all privileged accounts, and alerts them if any suspicious activity is performed from those accounts.

User password management

AD360 lets users reset their forgotten AD passwords and unlock their accounts directly from the logon screen. Keep employee productivity up with this feature, which has been proven to dramatically reduce help desk tickets, and in some cases, even completely eliminate them.

Security and compliance

Auditing crucial changes made to AD objects can help administrators determine if the changes are in compliance with laws that impact IT. AD360 fetches audit data from Exchange servers, file servers, and AD, helping organizations meet IT regulatory standards such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI, etc.