Integrate AD360 with M365 Manager Plus

AD360 simplifies the onerous tasks of managing your Active Directory and Exchange environments by bringing all the management features of both together under a single window. Now, AD360 can be integrated with M365 Manager Plus, a holistic Microsoft 365 management, reporting, auditing, and alerting solution that helps you gain insights and easily manage Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams and other components. Integrating AD360 and M365 Manager Plus gives you the massive advantage of managing Exchange and Active Directory — both online and on premises — in a single console.

Integration steps:

0365 Integration steps

  • Download and install M365 Manager Plus.
  • Open AD360, go to the Admin tab, click the drop-down list in the top right corner, and select M365 Manager Plus.
  • Enter the server name and port number used by M365 Manager Plus.
  • Click Integrate now.

About M365 Manager Plus

AD360 provides you Microsoft 365 reporting, management, auditing, and alerting features along with help desk delegation to help administrators manage their Microsoft 365 setup effortlessly. It provides exhaustive preconfigured reports on Microsoft 365, and also helps you perform complex tasks like bulk user management, bulk mailbox management, secure delegation, and more. It eases compliance management with its built-in compliance reports, and offers advanced auditing to keep your Microsoft 365 setup secure from malicious activities. Also allows you to delegate trivial tasks to non-admins with your own customized roles to reduce the workload of admins.

Microsoft 365 Management Microsoft 365 Reporting Microsoft 365 Auditing Microsoft 365 AlertingHelp Desk Delegation

Exchange Online Management

Use M365 Manager Plus' refined features to manage Exchange Online with ease. Handle mailboxes in bulk to eliminate redundant actions and save time. M365 Manager Plus also provides features for contacts and public folder management. Learn more

Azure Active Directory Management

Use M365 Manager Plus to substantially reduce the amount of time spent on management tasks by enabling administrators to manage users, groups, and licenses all in bulk. Learn more

Exchange Online reports

Get an overview of mailbox usage with mailbox traffic reports, mailbox size reports, and mailbox content reports. Identify inactive and hidden mailboxes. You can also get detailed reports on shared mailboxes, room mailboxes, equipment mailboxes, and public folders. Learn more.

Azure AD reports

Get complete details on users, distribution lists, security groups, contacts, and licenses in your Azure AD environment. You can identify the soon to expire passwords and licenses in a single click, which helps to take necessary action to ensure a hassle-free working environment. Learn more.

Skype for Business reports

Learn about the users, client devices used, and the peer-to-peer sessions happening in your Skype for Business environment. With the help of the user activities report, you can get details on PSTN usage, files and messages exchanged, last logon and last activity of the users, conferences users have organized and attended, and more. Learn more.

OneDrive for Business reports

Keep track of user activities on files in OneDrive for Business. Get details on file uploads, file downloads, file modifications, and more. The OneDrive events log report gives the audit trail of user activities, which helps make sure nothing goes unnoticed. Learn more.

Read more about the reports here. You can export the reports to PDF, XLS, HTML, or CSV formats. You can even schedule these reports to be generated at designated intervals and have them emailed to the administrator. The built-in filters also enable customization of reports, so you can retrieve the required data.

Exchange Online auditing

Audit Exchange Online to keep mailbox issues, like spam and malware, at bay. Use M365 Manager Plus to audit not only mailbox accesses but public folder accesses, contact changes, and permission changes as well. Learn more

Azure Active Directory auditing

With M365 Manager Plus, audit failed logon attempts, password and license changes made by users, recently created, modified, or deleted user accounts, group membership changes, and more. Learn more

OneDrive for Business auditing

Audit OneDrive for Business to bring even the smallest file changes to light. Audit file activities, file sharing activities, and sync activities, such as files uploaded to or downloaded from the cloud, to keep OneDrive for Business undamaged. Learn more

Sway activities auditing

With M365 Manager Plus, audit Sways created, modified, and deleted by users. Also get audit details on externally shared and duplicated sways, and those with modified scopes and permissions. Learn more

Compliance management

Compliance management is an arduous, but inevitable, task. Required audit details often need to be maintained manually. With M365 Manager Plus generate and maintain the audit details you need to meet compliance requirements such as SOX, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, and GLBA. Learn more

Microsoft 365 Alerting

Get notified about critical activities and changes happening in your Microsoft 365 environment. M365 Manager Plus lets you create custom alerts for each Microsoft 365 service. These custom alerts save you time by eliminating the need to constantly check audit reports for malicious activities. Learn more

M365 Manager Plus lets you:

  • Create custom alerts for specific actions.
  • Specify whether all mailboxes or only select mailboxes need to be monitored for suspicious activity.
  • Create your own custom alert messages to send to administrators.
  • Email administrators about which action triggered an alert to help them locate the source of the action immediately

Help Desk Delegation

Select any combination of reportingmanagementauditing, and alerting tasks to create your own customized roles. Delegate miscellaneous tasks such as password reset, account unlock, address attribute changes, contact attribute changes, etc. to technicians so you can focus on more important tasks.

M365 Manager Plus lets you:

  • Create technician accounts to delegate tasks to non-administrative users, such as help desk technicians, front line officials, or HR Associates, to reduce the workload of AD admins.
  • Create your own custom roles by selecting any combination of reporting, management, and auditing tasks to delegate.
  • Audit all technician activities going on in your environment.
  • Track admin activities with details on what operation was performed and when.
  • View a summary of Microsoft 365 tenants, management tasks, reporting tasks, and profile actions delegated to each and every technician.