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Dangerous defaults that put your IT environment at risk

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Presented by Abi,Product expert
  • Duration

    45 Mins

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Why watch this webinar?

The quickest and easiest way to start up a device or software is with the default settings. The default settings are usually predetermined by the manufacturers of the product who put usability above all else. Default configurations no doubt make the lives of people responsible for IT administration and management easier, without having to undergo all the trouble with the initial set up. However, are default settings recommended? And are they secure?

In this webinar, we will :

  • Observe the various areas in a typical IT environment that may contain 'dangerous defaults' which could pose a security threat for your organization.
  • Learn about various policies, permissions, and security settings in Windows and Linux environments and also other Microsoft platforms as Active Directory (AD), Azure AD - when left unupdated, could lead to a security incident.
  • Update and secure the discovered 'dangerous defaults' with ManageEngine AD360.

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