Identity and Access Management: A prerequisite for cybersecurity?

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Why attend this On Demand Webinar?

Time and again high profile security breaches make the headlines, and often, the major reason behind most devastating security breaches are associated with the classic end user turned into an insider threat. Organizations often spend a lot of time and money building and reevaluating their existing security solutions, but if they haven't properly secured the end-user, all these efforts can easily be rendered moot. A strong IAM solution is the need of the hour, essentially ensuring that only right people have access to resources and data at the right time—keeping unauthorized users out.

In this webinar, we'll :

  • Discuss the key factors that influence the building/buying decision of IAM solution in 2020.

  • Examine the native platform's built-in IAM capabilites, and find out their drawbacks.

  • Show you how to build a strong IAM foundation with ManageEngine AD360.

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