5 tactics that'll make it hard for attackers to exploit Active Directory

  • November 10
  • 2pm GST  |  2pm EDT
  • 45 mins

Why attend this webinar?

Active Directory (AD) has been a key attack vector in several cyberattacks this year, including the SolarWinds supply chain attack. Remote work challenges have made AD more complex than ever and organizations are struggling to identify where they should start when it comes to AD security.

What we'll discuss in this webinar:

  • Why AD is being increasingly targeted in cyberattacks.
  • How AD is abused in various stages of an attack, from intrusion to lateral movement.
  • Examples of recent threats including ransomware attacks that have exploited AD.
  • Five proven tactics that will help strengthen AD security.

Presented by

Jay Reddy, Senior Technical Evangelist.A sought after speaker on the latest IAM and cybersecurity trends in international conferences and seminars. Authored numerous e-books and research studies that help business leaders with insight and advice on leveraging the latest technology for better IAM and cybersecurity.


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