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Implementing a least privilege model for hybrid Active Directory security

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Privileged, super or admin users, these jargons may be used interchangably based on context, but the fundamental meaning still remains the same. These users have more access than a standard user. Privileged access is powerful, and is tempting to use in everyday IT activties, especially when a task requires additional privileges. Privileged access is widely scattered, especially now, with organizations adopting cloud services alongside the traditional on premise IT.

In this webinar, we'll learn:

  • To identify the various areas where privileged access has been granted in hybrid AD environments, and discover existing users with hidden privileges.

  • The different techniques to mitigate privileged access and redesign our daily IT administration tasks with the least privilege principle.

  • To develop a systematic way to monitor privileged access, detect and alert on privilege misuse in hybrid AD environment.

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