Mail Server

Here you can configure mail server settings required by RecoveryManager Plus to send email notifications to administrators on backup and restoration operations.

To configure mail server settings:

  • Navigate to Admin → Server
  • Specify the hostname or IP address of the Mail Server and its Port number.
  • In the From Address field enter the mail address that you wish to display as the sender's email while delivering the reports via email.
  • In the To Address field enter the mail address to which you would like to send the reports.
  • Choose the Connection Security (SSL/TLS) from the drop-down menu.
  • Mark the check box against the Authentication field and enter authentication information. By default, anonymous login is used. Enter the username and password of an administrator of the mail server to avoid anonymous login.
  • To verify your mail server settings, use the Test Mail option. A test mail will be sent to the specified mail address.
  • Click Save.
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