Alarm Grouping

  • Features

Consolidate your alerts.

Group alerts based on severity, application, category, or display name.


Eliminate redundancy.

Administrators often receive repeated alerts about the status of a website, server, or any other entity. By grouping your alerts in AlarmsOne based on display name or entity name, you can view the latest alert alone, and neglect any previous alerts that are redundant.

Focus on what matters.

Group your alerts according to severity and classify them as critical, major, warning, or info. Critical alarms have the highest priority and should be addressed first to maximize uptime. This classification process helps notify specified contacts and assign tasks according to need.

Track event history.

Aggregate your alerts based on application, category, or entity to track alert history and find the root cause of incidents and resolve them faster.

Act on alert groups.

Select an alert group and acknowledge, close, or delete multiple alerts at once. You can also change the severity of a group if that group of alerts requires attention.