Account Notifications

Account Notifications

The Notifications feed in Analytics Plus displays notifications of any new activities in your account. You can also access relevant, additional information about the activities from within the Notifications feed by clicking on individual notifications.

To access your notifications, click the Notifications icon on the top right corner of Analytics Plus. 

To specify the events you wish to be notified of, click the Settings icon in the Notifications feed. The following are the options available.

Use the toggle buttons against each option to enable or disable the corresponding notification.

Note: New notifications will be indicated by a red badge against the Notification icon. 

Share actions

Enabling this option will notify you when a report, dashboard or table has been shared with you. You can access these shared views from the Notifications Feed. To learn more about sharing, click here

Group actions

Enabling this option will notify you of activities in the groups that you belong to. Click here to learn more about groups in Analytics Plus.

Commenting actions

This option allows you to be notified when your collaborators have commented on any shared views. Click here to learn more about commenting in Analytics Plus.

Schedule actions

Enabling this option will generate notifications when the scheduled data import into Analytics Plus fails. 

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