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Creating a new workspace

You can create a new workspace anytime from the ManageEngine Analytics Plus home page. ManageEngine Analytics Plus offers various options to create a workspace. The workspaces you create are listed at the top of the home screen.

When you create a workspace in any of the options provided, you need to provide a name which is mandatory and should be unique. You can optionally provide a description.

Creating a Blank Workspace

Use this option if you would like to create a blank workspace and then subsequently add your data/datasets as tables later.

  • Click on the Blank Workspace option.
  • Provide the workspace name (mandatory and should be unique)
  • Click Create to create the workspace .

On successful creation, you will be taken inside the workspace where you can add your data as tables and create reports.

Import from files & Feeds

Often you already have data locally stored in tabular file formats like CSV, XLS/XLSX (Excel), XML, JSON and HTML files, which you would like to import into ManageEngine Analytics Plus for analysis and reporting. In ManageEngine Analytics Plus, you can easily import your data in such file formats and jump start your activities.

Click the Files and Feed option to create a workspace by importing data.

Import Data from Local Databases

In case you maintain your data in your database such as MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, PostgreSQL SQLite, DB2, Teradata, and other applications behind firewall, then you could synchronize data from your databases into ManageEngine Analytics Plus workspace using our Upload Tool. ManageEngine Analytics Plus Upload Tool is a downloadable standalone utility, that enables you to upload data from your databases into ManageEngine Analytics Plus workspace.

Using Upload Tool you can pull data from application databases behind firewall and cloud database to upload the same into ManageEngine Analytics Plus. The tool directly accesses your database, queries for the required data and uploads it to ManageEngine Analytics Plus.

Upload Tool also allows you to automate the import process in a scheduled interval.With this your workspace will be updated with latest data without manual intervention and thus keeps your reports and dashboards latest for better analysis.

To know how to fetch data from your database using Upload Tool, refer to the Upload Tool section.

Creating Workspace from Templates

ManageEngine Analytics Plus offers a useful set of business relevant templates which you can use to easily create your workspace. Follow the steps given below to create a workspace from Template.

  • Click on Templates link
  • Provide the workspace  name (mandatory and should be unique)
  • Select the template to be used from the list provided under Choose Templates
  • Click Create to create the workspace.

On successful creation, you will be taken inside the workspace where you will see a list of tables and reports created by default for the template that you had chosen. 

ManageEngine Analytics Plus templates:

  • Google Adword Campaign Performance Analysis template - Analyze the performance of your Google Adword Campaigns with detailed reports & dashboards.
  • Google Adwords Ad Groups Performance Analysis template - Analyze the performance of your Google Adwords Campaigns at the Ad Groups level.

Google AdWords Reporting and Analysis

Easy reporting and extensive analysis of your AdWords account performance

Google AdWords is the most popular online advertising avenue for most businesses. It is important to analyze the investment made and the returns achieved on any marketing campaign to measure its success, and to apply necessary refinements to get the maximum returns for the money invested. The same applies for Google AdWords campaigns. 

Unfortunately, although Google AdWords has been the most popular online advertising avenue, there is a lack of powerful AdWords reporting and analysis tools to analyze the effectiveness of your Google AdWords campaigns. Inbuilt reports and tools offered by Google AdWords lack flexibility and the necessary features required. With Google AdWords being the lifeblood of many businesses, understanding the money invested, the returns realized and refinements required to effectively capitalize on this marketing investment is very critical and essential.

Google AdWords Reporting and Performance Analysis using ManageEngine Analytics Plus

ManageEngine Analytics Plus with its powerful and easy to use on-demand reporting and analysis features can really help you in this regard. You can analyze your Google AdWords account's performance easily with ManageEngine Analytics Plus and get useful insights in no time. This page explains how you can use ManageEngine Analytics Plus to generate reports for analyzing your Google AdWords Campaigns' and Ad Groups' performance.

ManageEngine Analytics Plus provides default templates - "Google AdWords Campaign Performance Analysis" and "Google AdWords Ad Groups Performance Analysis" - for analyzing your / your clients' Google AdWords account Campaigns and Ad Groups performance respectively. These templates provide insightful reports that enable you to easily analyze the performance of your Google AdWords campaigns. You can also create your own reports for further analysis.

In the following sections, we will go through the step-by-step instructions on how to use the ManageEngine Analytics Plus templates for your own Google AdWords Campaigns/Ad Groups analysis.

Getting data from Google AdWords

  • Login to your Google AdWords account

  • Select the "Campaigns" tab (or the "Ad groups" tab for ad groups performance analysis)

  • Select the appropriate date range for which the data is to be analyzed, from the top-right corner

  • Click "Columns" and choose the columns to be imported

  • Recommended columns for selection: Impressions, Clicks, CTR, Avg CPC, Avg CPM, Cost, Avg Position, Converted clicks, Cost / converted click, Conversions, Cost / conv.. You can also select any additional columns if required

  • Click "Save" button

  • Click "Download report" icon. "Download and schedule report" section opens inline

  • Choose an appropriate "Report name". Choose the "Format" as ".csv"

  • Click "Add segment" link and choose the "Day" option

  • You can click "Email and schedule report" and have it emailed to you too

  • Click "Create" button

  • Save the generated report in your local folder

  • Modify the CSV data as below:

    • Open the exported CSV file in any text editor
    • Delete all extra rows above the column names as well as the summary statistics rows at the bottom.
    • Save the file

Importing and Analyzing the AdWords data in ManageEngine Analytics Plus

  • Login to ManageEngine Analytics Plus.

  • Choose the "Templates" option.

  • Provide the workspace name and description.

  • Choose the appropriate template.

    Uncheck "Populate with Sample Data". Choose to populate with sample data if you would like to review the features in this workspace with sample data, before you use the same for your own AdWords data analysis.

    • "Google AdWords Campaign Performance Analysis" for campaign-level analysis OR
    • "Google AdWords Ad Groups Performance Analysis" for ad groups-level analysis
  • "Create" the workspace

  • Select the appropriate table

    Click "Import" -> "Import into this table" option

    • "Campaign Performance" OR
    • "Ad Groups Performance"
  • Choose "Add at the End" option. (You can keep adding/appending new AdWords data periodically with this option)

  • Select file type as "Comma Separated Value"

  • Browse and load the Google AdWords CSV data file from the "Local Drive"

  • Click "Next"

  • Verify the Date format and the default Column mapping shown under the "Preview" table. Column mapping should not require any modification.

  • Click "Create"

Your AdWords data would get imported into ManageEngine Analytics Plus. Click any of the default reports created, to analyze the AdWords data imported.

Important points to note on using the workspace created:

You can review the default reports design or modify it by clicking "Edit Design" toolbar option in each report

You can create a new report to analyze your AdWords data, by clicking the "New Report" option on the top left corner OR by choosing the "Campaign Performance"or "Ad Groups Performance" table and selecting the appropriate report type (Chart, Pivot, Summary, Tabular) listed under the "New" Menu in the toolbar.

The templates provided help you to jumpstart your Google AdWords reporting and campaign/ad groups' performance analysis. You can very well create your own workspace (need not be from the templates provided) for analyzing your AdWords data.

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