Installation Guide

Installation Guide 

This installation guide will help you complete the installation of ManageEngine Analytics Plus.

ManageEngine Analytics Plus Editions


ManageEngine Analytics Plus is available in two editions, Personal and Professional.

  • Personal Edition - This is a single user version. This edition offers no collaboration capabilities. The volume of data is restricted to 25,000 rows.

  • Professional Edition - This is a multi-user version with no limitation on the volume of data that can be imported. It offers full collaboration capabilities.

FeaturesPersonal Edition  Professional Edition
Users1As per purchased license
Records / Rows25,000Unlimited
Reports / DashboardsUnlimitedUnlimited
Query TablesUnlimitedUnlimited
Generate LinksNoYes
RebrandingNoYes (add-on)
Sharing and CollaborationNoYes
Back Up optionsNoYes
Scheduled EmailNoYes
Integration with ServiceDesk PlusYesYes
Integration with ServiceDesk Plus MSPYesYes
Integration with Applications ManagerYesYes
Integration with OpManagerYesYes
Integration with SupportCenter PlusYesYes
Multilanguage supportNoYes (add-on)


  • Need to exclude anti-virus scan for the folder where ManageEngine Analytics Plus is installed (eg. C:/ManageEngine/AnalyticsPlus)

  • The hostname of the server where ManageEngine Analytics Plus is to be installed should not contain the underscore ( _ ) symbol in it. The underscore may affect the application startup and make certain services inaccessible on TCP/IP networks. Use the server hostname: https://manageengine-analyticsplus:8443 instead of https://manageengine_analyticsplus:8443

  • The default ports used by the application is 8443 and 8200. 8443 (configurable at the time of installation) is the web server port, on which the web client will be accessible. The 8200 port is used by the authentication service that validates user sessions. These ports should be open on your firewall.

  • If you want to run the ManageEngine Analytics Plus batch files on Windows Server 2008, make sure that you have 'Edit' permission for ManageEngine Analytics Plus folders (even if you are an administrator).

  • Analytics Plus can be installed on virtual servers. In such cases, Dynamic Resource Balancing should be turned off by configuring Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) at the ESX/VMlevel.


  • It is advisable to open command prompt as administrator (right click - 'Run as administrator') to run batch files.

  • Please make sure that the installation directory names or its parent directory names do not have any space character. 

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements for effectively running ManageEngine Analytics Plus are given below. 

Professional Edition 

OSWindows 7 and above

Any 32 bit Windows server 2008 and above 

Any 64 bit Windows 2008 Server R2 and above

Processor1 GHz2 GHz, Quad core processor
Memory4 GB8GB
HardDisk80 GB250GB
Supported browsers

Firefox  v40 and above

Firefox v40 and above

Google Chrome v40 and above

 Personal Edition

SpecificationMinimum requirement
OSWindows 7 and above
Processor1 GHz
Supported browsers

Firefox v40 and above

Google Chrome v40 and above


Installation procedure

Installation on Windows

To install ManageEngine Analytics Plus on a windows machine,

  • Download Analytics Plus from here.

  • Double click the downloaded file to begin the installation process.


  • Click Next to start the installation.
  • Please read the license agreement carefully and accept the license agreement to proceed with the installation.
  • Click Next to continue with the installation process.
  • The next step in the installation process is choosing the installation directory where ManageEngine Analytics Plus is to be installed. By default, the application is installed in C:\ManageEngine\AnalyticsPlus directory.

  • Click Browse... button to change the installation directory. Choose the installation folder and click OK.

  • Click Next to continue with the installation process

Note: Please make sure that the installation directory or its parent directories do not have any space character in its name.

  • Enter the Web Server Port number. The default port number provided is 8443. Choose an alternate port number if 8443 is being used by a different application.

  • Click Next to continue with the installation process.

  • Verify your inputs on the confirmation page and click Next to proceed with the installation.

  • The installation process takes a few minutes to complete. On successful installation, the Installation Completed screen is displayed. The option to Start ManageEngine Analytics Plus is enabled by default. Click Finish to exit the installation wizard.
  • The application launches in a browser automatically. The default username is admin and the default password is admin.

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