Server migration

Moving Analytics Plus from one server/folder to another

  • Go to Start --> Services.msc and stop the ManageEngine Analytics Plus service.

  • Take a backup of the entire <Analytics Plus_Home> directory and then move it to the new server. 
  • On the new server, navigate to <Analytics Plus_Home>\bin directory from command prompt or terminal in administrator mode.
  • Run ServerMigration.bat
  • If the port that Analytics Plus was running on, in the old server is occupied in the new one, the script will prompt for a new port number.

Note: On Linux installations, Run sh 

If you have not integrated Analytics Plus with ServiceDesk Plus, ServiceDesk Plus MSP or SupportCenter Plus, start your Analytics Plus service to complete the migration.

If you have integrated Analytics Plus with any of the above, there are a few more steps. Click the respective version to continue.

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