Take control of your IT estate with robust IT asset management software

Learn everything there is to know about your IT and non-IT assets, including network elements and endpoints, as well as their relationships. With integrated asset management capabilities, our IT service desk software ServiceDesk Plus enables IT technicians to inventory, track, manage, and monitor all their assets from a central location.

Software asset management solutions

With ServiceDesk Plus, transform the way you manage your IT assets.

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Essential ITAM features available in this IT asset management software

Asset inventory

Discover, track, and manage IT hardware and software assets in one place. Get a comprehensive view of every stage of an asset's life cycle including procurement, utilization, maintenance, and retirement.


Achieve complete visibility into your IT landscape with the unified agent scan for Windows, Linux, and macOS devices along with the network scanning technique for IP devices.

Asset life cycle

Track and manage all aspects of your assets right from procurement to retirement. Create different asset states to accurately map the status of your assets.

Software asset

Manage all aspects of your software assets including purchasing, deployment, maintenance, utilization, and disposal. Identify and eliminate unused software to reduce IT costs.

Software license

Track and manage software licenses and get notified about soon-to-expire licenses. Scan your workstations periodically to detect license violations, and be audit ready.

Configuration management
database (CMDB)

Track and manage all configuration items, and map their relationships and dependencies. Visually analyze the impact of changes and outages for informed decision-making.

IT asset management workflow in ServiceDesk Plus:

IT Asset Management (ITAM) workflow

Implement best practice asset management with ServiceDesk Plus

ServiceDesk Plus' out-of-the-box features enable you to implement asset management best practices easily.

IT asset management best practices
  • Discover all hardware and software assets

    Multi-source discovery modes - Unified agent-based scan, network scan, barcode scan, and distributed asset scan

  • Classify all IT and non-IT assets

    Asset types and product types

  • Track assets across their life cycle from requisition to retirement

    Asset states, user-workstation mapping, and asset loans

  • Map relationships between assets and business services

    CMDB, configuration item (CI) types, CI relationships, and business views

  • Keep track of key finances

    Depreciation, cost center, and general ledger codes

  • Manage all your software license investments

    Software, license, and agreement types

  • Track software usage and compliance

    Software metering, software and license dashboards

  • Stay on top of IT purchases

    Purchase management, vendor list, approvals, invoice and payment, and associated assets

  • Centralize the asset contracts management process

    Contract details, renewal details, child contracts, expiration notifications, and associated assets

  • Ensure that your ITAM supports other ITSM processes

    Asset information on incidents, problems, changes, and projects, and CMDB mapping

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Other ITSM practices supported by ServiceDesk Plus

  • Incident management

    Reduce outages, improve agent productivity, meet SLAs, and manage the complete life cycle of IT tickets.

  • Problem management

    Analyze the root cause of incidents, and reduce the number of repeat incidents to boost your IT help desk's productivity.

  • Change management

    Streamline planning, approval, and implementation with automated workflows. Eliminate unauthorized and failed changes.

  • Service catalog

    Showcase your available IT services to end users, and give your IT a fresh face.

  • Knowledge base

    Enable self-service by publishing solutions to repeat incidents with known solutions, helping divert tickets away from your service desk.

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