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You can now enjoy all the benefits of Browser Security Plus from your Desktop Central console!
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Browsers today are available from anywhere and are available on all endpoints. They're used by almost every person in most organizations on a daily basis. Browsers are also the next big attack vector through which organizations are targeted by cybercriminals. Most malware is spread through browsers, making it a priority that IT teams manage and secure all browsers on their endpoints. Proper endpoint security can greatly reduce your organization's attack surface. Comprehensive endpoint security starts with browsers, and Desktop Central's endpoint security add-on offers just that!

With Endpoint Security add-on, you can

Integrating Browser Security Plus with Desktop Central.

Remain vigilant about the browsers being used, and know if they're up to date.

Browser Security for Desktop Central.

Keep track of browser add-ons, extensions, and plug-ins present in your enterprise.

Secure your employees browsers with Desktop Central

Prevent cyberattacks by removing high-risk add-ons, extensions, and plug-ins.

Manage users' Chrome extensions with Desktop Central

Secure web activities by hardening browser settings.

Filter websites from the comfort of your Desktop Central console.

Ensure only trusted/authorized websites are accessed by filtering URLs.

Route websites to destination browsers of your choice with Desktop Central.

Manage website-browser compatibility issues by directing websites to destination browsers.

CIS and STIG compliance to browser standards with Desktop Central.

Stay compliant with browser security standards like CIS and STIG.