To start working with Browser Security Plus, it is required to install agents in the computers that are to be managed. You can install agents using any software deployment solutions. Here is how you can use Desktop Central and Microsoft SCCM for agent installation. If not, you can install agents in three ways:

Installing agent manually:

  1. Start Browser Security Plus console in the computer to be managed
  2. Click on Agent tab
  3. Click on the "Download Agent" button
  4. Extract files from the zipped folder
  5. Run setup.bat in admin mode
  1. Click Agent tab
  2. Click Active Directory
  3. Use the Add Domain button and specify the credentials to add the domain/workgroup
  4. Click on Agent > Scope of Management
  5. Click Add Computer
  6. Click Select Computers
  7. Select the computers that you want to manage using Browser Security Plus
  8. Click Add & Install

Installing agent through GPO:

You can deploy agents to target machines by making use of GPO. You can find the steps to use GPO for agent installation here.

Once the agent is installed, the computer gets listed under Computers in Groups & Computers page.