Error-free identity management with approval-based workflows

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Approval-based workflows

Everyday tasks like user provisioning and deprovisioning, access requests, license management, self-service operations, and so on put IT administrators under a lot of stress.

Even though administrators assign a lot of administrative tasks to other users, they might still want to keep track of them as they are being done. With approval-based workflows, create a multi-stage, customizable review, approve, and execution flow sequence for common identity management tasks and access requests.

AD360 allows you to build a hierarchy of workflows for routine tasks such as provisioning user accounts, adding members to security groups, or handling permissions requests. With AD360, you can customize this workflow to introduce multiple reviewers or approvers, notify the necessary parties throughout each stage of the workflow process, and even prioritize execution of certain workflows.

Here's how AD360's approval-based workflows can cut out redundant IT tasks

  • Customize workflows
  • Enable self-service
  • Implement workflow
    in automations
  • Provide secure access

Customize workflows

  • Define a standard workflow structure for all your organizational tasks by assigning users as requesters, reviewers, approvers, and executors to each task and avoid role conflicts. Keep information related to every task secure as it flows only through intended recipients.
  • Enable or disable notifications for each action to concerned users during the execution of a task.
  • Define service level agreements (SLAs) for each task whenever a task is not attended and resolved within the time specifications of the SLA.
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Customize workflows

  • Reduce help desk overload and associated expenses by automating users' self-service operations like password reset, account unlock, profile update, and group management.
  • Establish control over these self-service requests by allowing admins to set approval workflow rules that determine who can review and approve the self-service requests. Only after approval from the delegated user will the self-service requests be made live.
  • Enable end users to track the status of the self-service requests and view details about the approver's email address, the status of the request (whether the request is approved, pending approval, or denied), the date when the concerned authority recorded their decision, and the comments provided by them.
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Implement workflow in automations

  • Retain control over routine tasks like creating users as well as tasks that are crucial to the security of an organization like deleting or disabling inactive users.
  • Improve operational efficiency by propelling automated tasks through delegated users in a configured workflow.
  • Eliminate unintended errors in the tasks that you automate by requiring a manager or an appropriate user to review and approve them.
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Provide secure access

  • Prevent privilege abuse by implementing approval workflows for permissions requests and role changes. Set a multi-level approval process for access requests concerning security-sensitive IAM operations.
  • Ensure only the right people have access for the right amount of time to important resources by setting folder permissions, assigning group memberships, and enforcing time-restricted sharing.
  • Eliminate the need to contact IT admins to grant or revoke permissions every time a user joins or leaves an organization.
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Highlights of approval-based workflows in AD360

  •   Customize business
  •   Time-restricted file
  •   Self-service request
  •   Implement business
    workflows in automations
Customize business workflow

Only users, groups, or OUs configured as requesters can raise requests.

Time-restricted file sharing

Share folders and provide resource access securely.

Self-service request

Implement approval workflow for self-service actions that involve update of sensitive information like mobile number and address.

Implement business workflows in automations

If enabled, the created automation will be subjected to supervision by the respective workflow agents of the business workflow; otherwise the automation will be executed without any user intervention.


With AD360's approval-based workflow feature, you can:

  • Create a workflow framework that is configurable for all of your organization's needs.
  • Notify the required users through email at any point during the execution of a task.
  • Ensure high security and transparency of executed tasks as they run through approvers and reviewers.
  • Use automation policies to enforce workflows and oversee automated processes.
  • Ensure security and consistency of users' self-service actions by implementing self-service approval workflows.

Ease the burden on IT and save time with approval-based workflows

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