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The need to automate IAM

Cloud adoption and remote work have undoubtedly made it difficult for businesses to work with manual identity and access management (IAM) processes as they result in delayed action, increased workloads for IT departments, and more human error.

It's important for organizations to keep their security intact by deploying a user-friendly IAM automation solution that will eliminate human error and ensure compliance while lowering costs and admin workloads.

AD360, an automated identity management solution, provides capabilities to manage user identities, ensure compliance, and tighten security across on-premises and cloud applications, all from a centralized console. AD360 helps to decrease the workload and costs incurred due to repetitive tasks such as user provisioning and deprovisioning by supporting automated user life cycle management.

Here's how AD360 supports the automation of critical IAM processes

  • Automate user life
    cycle management
  • Automate stale account
  • Automate authentication
    and authorization
  • Automate license removal

Automate user life cycle management

  • Automate routine tasks like user provisioning and deprovisioning, password resets, account unlocks, and group modification using built-in templates.
  • Create automation policies to configure a sequence of tasks that should be executed at specified time intervals. For instance, remove a user's license after their account has been disabled for two days, and then delete the account after two months.
  • Supervise automation tasks by implementing business workflows which will be reviewed by workflow agents to establish control over scheduled automation tasks.
  • Integrate with an HCM or HRMS solution for effortless user provisioning, modification, and deprovisioning every time a user account is added, modified, or removed.

Automate stale account cleanup

  • Locate stale accounts by generating reports on inactive, disabled, or expired users periodically; delete or disable these accounts in bulk instantly.
  • Automate these tasks and specify how often you want this automation to run.
  • Mitigate the risks of future data breaches or other security incidents by immediately purging inactive accounts.

Automate authentication and authorization

  • Approve or deny user access based on factors such as IP address, time of access, device, and the user's geolocation. Prevent risky logins by automatically prompting additional factors for authentication.
  • Automate authorization for users depending on their organizational role by implementing role-based access control to predefine their access to resources when they join or move within the organization.

Automate license removal

  • Save on IT costs by removing unused licenses from disabled or expired user accounts.
  • Periodically remove licenses associated with disabled user accounts in bulk through AD360's automation capability.
  • Enable notifications to send email and SMS alerts to the concerned admins once the automation is executed.

Highlights of AD360, an identity management automation solution

  •  Automated user creation
  •  Stale account cleanup
  •  Automation policies
Automated user creation

Select a user creation template to auto-populate the attributes of new user accounts with the corresponding attributes predefined in the template.

Stale account cleanup

Choose a task from the drop-down list to run it immediately. You can also add more instant tasks by clicking the plus sign.

Automation policies

Choose a user management task and set follow-up tasks, conditions, and a time period for the execution. These condition-based actions help you automate mundane administrative tasks effortlessly.


With AD360's automated identity management features, you can

  • Drastically cut down on user life cycle management costs.
  • Minimize the time required for provisioning or modifying users in bulk.
  • Reduce human error in executing routine identity-related tasks with built-in user creation and modification templates.
  • Plug security loopholes by removing stale accounts periodically.
  • Keep track of the entire automation process via preconfigured reports.

Automate IAM and eliminate the risk of
human errors with AD360

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