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Automating identity lifecycle management

Most organizations rely on time-consuming manual processes to manage users' digital identities across an entire lifecycle.

When new employees or contractors are onboarded, it can take days before they are given the appropriate access to the IT systems and applications needed to start their jobs. Similarly, when employees change roles or exit the organization, a lot of time is spent before IT admins can re-provision access to resources or delete the user accounts.

AD360, an identity lifecycle management solution, enables you to automate routine management tasks like creating users, moving users to different containers, and deleting or disabling inactive users, to minimize the burden on IT administrators. With AD360, you can also manage users' access to critical resources, automate threat response mechanisms using ML-based UBA, and empower users to reset passwords and unlock accounts on their own.

Streamline your entire identity lifecycle management from a centralized console

  • Automated user provisioning
  • Automated user modification
  • Automated user deprovisioning

Automated user provisioning

  • Create user accounts across AD, Exchange, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace automatically when new users are onboarded.
  • Generate random passwords that meet the password complexity requirements of your organization for new users.
  • Implement business workflows to scrutinize and approve the list of users to be created before the user creation task is executed.

Automated user modification

  • Identify modified user records in the HRMS database and automatically modify the corresponding user account in AD.
  • Update specific attributes automatically when a preconfigured criteria is satisfied. For instance, move users across OUs automatically when they get transferred from one department to another.
  • Notify the respective technicians when the automation is executed. You can also choose to notify a user's manager when the user has been added to the department.

Automated user deprovisioning

  • Disable or delete users and mailboxes, as well as revoke licenses and access to applications automatically, when employees leave the organization.
  • Configure, disable, and delete automation policies that are domain-specific to automatically execute a set of operations when users are disabled or deleted from AD.
  • Identify users removed from the HRMS application when the integration is enabled, and automatically delete the corresponding AD accounts.

Manage identity lifecycle from a single console with simple point-and-click actions

  •  Automated user creation
  •  Multi-source data import
  •  Technician notification
Automated user creation

Standardize user creation using built-in templates.


Set up automated provisioning tasks to run at predefined time intervals.

Multi-source data import

Specify the objects on which this automation has to be performed. You can add users from a built-in report, a CSV file, or the data from other HRMS tools.


Select Implement Business Workflow to manually review and approve the automation task before it is performed.

Technician notification

Toggle between table view and tree view to locate the container easily.


Select this option to notify the technician via SMS or email when this automation is executed.


Benefits of using AD360 for identity lifecycle management

  • Automate the entire lifecycle of an identity and introduce customizable workflows to keep an eye on the executed operations.
  • Minimize regulatory risks and demonstrate compliance with IT regulations such as the GDPR, HIPAA, FISMA, and more.
  • Manage objects across AD, Exchange, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace from a single, unified console.
  • Extend the built-in capabilities of AD360 by integrating it with third-party ITSM, HRMS, and SIEM applications.

Automate identity lifecycle management to
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